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Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Event with Personalized Linun Napkins and Guest Towels

You know how you feel just a little more important when you go to a restaurant with real cloth napkins? If you want every one of your guests at your next event to feel that same way but without the expense and huge dry cleaning bill, then order a batch of Limelight Paper and Partyware’s custom disposable linun napkins and guest towels. These beautiful paper napkins and guest towels feel almost like cloth, and they’re just as elegant. Plus, you can customize them just for your big party or event. Your guests are going to feel like a million bucks with these gorgeous napkins on their laps or under their glasses.

Your Hostess with the Mostest Deserves a Personalized Thank You Gift

Your best friend just threw you the most amazing bachelorette party or let you spend two weeks at her beach house or just hosted a fundraiser for your favorite charity. Now, you want to say “Thank You” in a big way to your hostess with the mostess. Your gift doesn’t need to be big or ostentatious. Instead, give her something unique, classy, and personal. At Limelight Paper and Partyware, we can help you design a wonderful gift of appreciation like no other.

Your Boat Deserves Personalized Cups and Koozies

At Limelight Paper and Partyware, we want your cups and huggers to be as unique as your boat. You gave your boat a name, right? So why not also personalize your cups and huggers to show your family and your guests that they deserve the personal touch when you’re the captain.

Party On with Personalized Stadium Cups

Does your bodacious tailgate party feel like it’s missing something? If your guests aren’t guzzling down cold beer with customized stadium cups, that’s probably the reason. Stadium cups are strong, durable, and just plain fun. They can be the perfect touch at any party, whether you’re watching the big game, hosting neighbors for a barbeques, or impressing the big wigs at a client appreciation event. At Limelight Paper and Partyware, we let you turn the classic stadium cup into a one-of-a-kind party favor and keepsake. Raise your cup, it’s time to party on!

Customized Soft Plastic Party Cups Will Delight Your Party Guests

When the soft plastic cups come out, you know the party has started. These little guys may be simple in design, but they pack a big emotional punch. They aren’t fancy-smanchy, and that’s the point. Holding a red party cup in your hand with an amazing concoction inside is part of what makes any get-together something special. Now you can up the ante by designing your own customized soft plastic party cups for your next shindig with a little help from Limelight Paper and Partyware.

Who Needs a Drink? Classy, Personalized Frost Flex™ Cups

Every get-together, whether it’s your Uncle Freddy’s backyard barbeque or your own nuptials, needs liquid refreshments. Keep it classy with our beautiful and popular frost flex™ cups. These aren’t your mother’s drink receptacles. They are shatterproof – so they can survive the dance floor – and reusable. Oh, and did we mention that they look awesome? They totally do. Guess what will make them even more awesome? You! Put on your creative hat and go to town to personalize your frosted plastic (frost flex™) cups so that they match your party theme and your wonderful personality.

Customized Partyware for Your Bachelorette Weekend

Girl power is going to reign supreme this weekend as you invite your best gal pals to celebrate the end of your best friend’s singledom. As Maid of Honor, it is your job to make sure your bride has the time of her life and is equipped with all the necessary accessories, including crown, sash, perhaps a few naughty surprises along the way, and one-of-a-kind customized bachelorette partyware. We can at least help you cover the last part, with personalized bachelorette partyware that is as special as your friendship!

Add Personalized Guest Towels to Your Home for Every Mood and Season

hen you invite guests over to your home or party space, one of the most popular rooms is going to be… the bathroom! It’s just human nature, and when that nature calls, you can delight your guests with personalized paper guest towels for hand washing and drying. Customized guest towels add a festive air to your holiday party or elegance to your special event, like a wedding shower, baby shower, or housewarming party. At Limelight Paper and Partyware, we give you all the tools you need to create one-of-kind disposable guest towels that will class up that necessary party pit stop.

Personalized Styrofoam Cups Bring Your Event to the Next Level

Searching for an excellent and reliable cup for your next big party or special event? Don’t overlook Styrofoam cups. You’re probably used to the bland, white Styrofoam cups that are so prevalant, but Styrofoam can be a lot more exciting (dare we say sexy?) than that! At Limelight Paper and Partyware, we let you spice up your Styrofoam cups with personalized fonts, images, and more. Leave the bland at home and give your guests a customized Styrofoam cup that’s as cool as your event.

Stock Up Your Beach House with Personalized Cups, Napkins, and Huggers

When you’re just steps away from soft sand and crashing waves, life is good. Share that goodness with your family and friends by inviting them to your beautiful beach house. Before you do, make sure you stock up on the essentials – sunscreen, floppy beach hats, and personalized cups, napkins, and huggers. Who wants to hit the shore with generic drinkware? Not you! At Limelight Paper and Partyware, we let you make your cups, napkins, and huggers as special as your beach home away from home.