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Customized Partyware for Your Bachelorette Weekend


Girl power is going to reign supreme this weekend as you invite your best gal pals to celebrate the end of your best friend’s singledom. As Maid of Honor, it is your job to make sure your bride has the time of her life and is equipped with all the necessary accessories, including crown, sash, perhaps a few naughty surprises along the way, and one-of-a-kind customized bachelorette partyware. We can at least help you cover the last part, with personalized bachelorette partyware that is as special as your friendship!

Arm Yourselves with Personalized Cups

Whether your bachelorette party is going to last an evening or an entire weekend, you need to make sure your bride and your girls are properly “hydrated.” Don’t wimp out with non-descript cups. Instead, surprise your bride with customized cups just for the occasion. At Limelight Paper and Partyware, we are your hookup for personalized stadium cups, soft plastic party cups, Styrofoam cups, and more. Our most popular cup is our beautiful frosted cup. These cups are gorgeous and re-useable (top rack of dishwasher only), so when the party keeps going, so will they.

Choose your cup size and color and then dance your way over to My Limelight Designer, where you can let your creativity soar. Flip through our impressive collection of fonts, monograms, and stock art and make these cups your own. Find a fun zany font to announce, “Ashley’s Last Ride,” or go sweet as sugar by stamping her new initials on each cup using one of our monograms. Our stock art collections includes plenty of hearts and kisses as well as images to fit almost any party theme. If you’re feeling especially inventive, (or want something a little more R-rated) consider uploading your own image.

Hugger Keepsakes

If you delicate ladies plan on throwing back a beer, or two, or twelve during the festivities, keep those brewskies nice and cold with customized bachelorette beer huggers. At Limelight, we offer personalized bottle and can huggers, including our zip-up neoprene bottle hugger. These guys come in lots of colors and can help your squad stay on point as you laze the day away at the beach, take the city by storm, or play fun games at the house. Best of all, these huggers will work for you all weekend and then serve as an awesome keepsake when it’s time to go home and sober up.

Napkins and Plates

A girl’s got to eat, right? Whether you’re serving up cheerful cupcakes or a dessert that looks like a certain unmentionable body part, put that icing and sugar down on a personalized bachelorette plate. We offer plates in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Our premium plates are beautiful and super easy to clean. As in, no cleaning necessary! Just toss them in the recycling bin when you’re done and get back to the party.

Don’t forget about customized bachelorette napkins. We’ve got appetizer napkins, dinner napkins, and even guest towels for the bathroom. Pick your color, your material, and your size and then design away.

Your bride is going to love all the personal touches you’ve added to her big celebration. Just beware – now all your friends are going to be begging you to be their Maid of Honor!


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