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Who Needs a Drink? Classy, Personalized Frost Flex™ Cups

Every get-together, whether it’s your Uncle Freddy’s backyard barbeque or your own nuptials, needs liquid refreshments. Keep it classy with our beautiful and popular frost flex™ cups. These aren’t your mother’s drink receptacles. They are shatterproof – so they can survive the dance floor – and reusable. Oh, and did we mention that they look awesome? They totally do. Guess what will make them even more awesome? You! Put on your creative hat and go to town to personalize your frosted plastic (frost flex™) cups so that they match your party theme and your wonderful personality.

Much Ado About Cup Size


Size matters, as they say. Nothing is more true when it comes to our personalized cups.  We get email after email from customers after they receive their orders saying the cups they ordered are too small. 

Here’s our best advice in a nutshell: When in doubt about cup size, always order the larger size!