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Much Ado About Cup Size

Size matters, as they say. Nothing is more true when it comes to our personalized cups.  We sometimes hear from customers after they receive their orders saying the cups they ordered are too small. 

Here’s our best advice in a nutshell: When in doubt about cup size, always order the larger size! You see, cups are sized by the manufacturers. And, while each manufacturer states a cup is 9 oz, 16 oz, or whatever, a cup size measured in ounces refers to “flush fill capacity" or total amount of liquid volume held.

In simple layman’s English, ounce size is measured when the cup is filled to the brim with liquid – without ice. But wait, there’s more. Manufacturers always say that stated ounces are intended to show approximate volume and “not an implied guarantee of exact volume”. That’s their fancy way of saying, “hey, it might be off by a little bit.”

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How to choose a drink cup size: Since Limelight is devoted to making things easier, the following are some important things to consider when choosing a cup size for your next party or event (trust us, we’ve learned from experience):

Drinks With Ice: A 12 oz drink over ice fits nicely in a 16, 20 or 24 oz cup, depending on how much ice you prefer.

Wine: Fits and sips best in one of our smaller size cups (9, 10, or 12 oz).

Beer: A 12 oz beer works best in a 16 oz cup. We’ve also found that beer tends to foam a lot in Styrofoam. It’s much better to serve your brew in a frost flex, stadium or solo cup.

What’s The Most Versatile Size? A 16 oz cup, hands down. Especially if you only want to order one size and intend to serve mixed drinks, wine and beer.

Size matters and bigger is better. Not only that, but bigger is the safer way to go when ordering our personalized cups, or any cup for that matter.





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