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Frost-Flex™ Cups, Shatterproof Cups, Frosted Plastic Cups, Custom Wedding Cups…all of these terms have been used to describe one of our most popular personalized cups.  We call them "Frost-Flex™ cups" because that is their trademarked name, but you can call them whatever you like!  No matter what you call them, the Frost-Flex™ cup is the sophisticated darling of the personalized and monogrammed cup world.  You cannot find a classier disposable personalized cup anywhere and that is why they are often seen at wedding receptions and other elegant events at country clubs, fine homes, classy resorts and upscale venues.  Whether you are planning a cocktail party or need a gift for someone special, custom Frost-Flex™ cups are always going to be a great choice.   

Frost-Flex™ cups are made of frosted and flexible plastic, so you can squeeze them, or drop them, and they won’t crack or break.  A unique frosted, textured design provides a sure grip surface for elegant no-slip safety. The flexible construction makes Frost-Flex™ cups unbreakable, thus durable, which makes them a superb choice for souvenirs and keepsakes.  So, while they are technically considered disposable, you will find many of your guests walking out the door with your custom cups, saving them as mementos of a favorite event.  True story:  Not long ago some friends gave my husband and me a ride to a Memphis Grizzlies game and thought it was hilarious to point out that their “roadies” were cups from a recent soiree at our home!  I myself have a cabinet full of these cups and cannot part with the ones that remind me of fun parties or places I have been.

Frost-Flex™ cups come in nine sizes and you can order as few as 50 cups.  There are also color options in 12 and 16 oz sizes (red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and of course, the traditional frosted plastic).  They are top rack dishwasher safe and, speaking from experience, last a long time!

So, what do our customers put on their personalized Frost-Flex™ cups?  Monograms are, and always will be, one of our best sellers.  You can never go wrong with a monogram as they will never go out of style.  For instance, monogrammed cups are an excellent choice as a gift for the man who has everything – they are a terrific way to up his bar or man cave game!  Another popular choice for wedding receptions, cocktail parties, or perhaps as a housewarming gift, is to add either the couple’s first names (ex., Kate and Brad) or their surname (ex., The Trammells – PRO TIP:  No apostrophe here because you are not showing possession). 

What else do people put on their frosted plastic cups?  Everything!  House names, vacation destinations and dates, boat names, party-themed art and text, hashtag slogans, logos, favorite team colors/mascots, you name it…the choices are endless!  Especially with My Limelight Designer, our online design tool that allows you to see a virtual proof of your design online before you place your order!  It is very fun to play around with different ink colors, fonts and stock art (or upload your own custom art) and get an accurate picture of how everything will look on your cup (or napkin, koozie, guest towel…).

Convenient yet stylish, personalized or monogrammed, Frost-Flex™ plastic cups from Limelight Paper & Partyware are ideal for gracious entertaining or impeccable gift-giving.  Why not design a set today?


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