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May I have my own company logo or artwork printed on your products?

So you want to add your own logo or custom art? No problem. We routinely print customer supplied art and logos on our personalized coaster, cups, huggers, plates napkins and guest towels. We charge a one-time custom artwork fee of $50.00. Your artwork remains in your account for future usage at no additional cost. So here’s the deal:

  • We can print only 1 ink color per side for quantities less than 50,000.
  • All custom artwork must be submitted as 1 color only, camera-ready. This means it doesn’t require alteration or correction.
  • Acceptable Artwork File Info:
    • We support Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw (.ai, .eps, .cdr), PDF, JPEG and .png files.
    • Minimum 300dpi resolution (600dpi preferred) set at the finished print size. No tiny images, no images pulled off the web, no photocopies.
    • Objects that are the same color should be grouped and placed within the same layer.
    • No screens or gradients.
    • Maximum file size: 20MB.
  • Four-Color Process Artwork should be converted to CMYK and sent as either a TIFF or PDF file (applies only to quantities over 50,000).

Paper House Online Customers: Limelight Paper has ownership and full use of all Paper House Online custom artwork and logos. That means it can be used here free of charge (no set up fees!). Upload your previously used art into the new and improved Limelight system where it will always be available to reuse at no charge on any subsequent orders. Email to get a copy of your previously used art if you do not have it handy and we will be glad to send you your art file to upload with your order, as well as a coupon code to cover the art fee.

Copyrights & Trademarks: All copy & artwork submitted by the customer will be accepted by Limelight Paper & Partyware, LLC (Limelight) as being submitted in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, licensing, patent, copyright, right of privacy, or similar protection. Limelight will be held harmless from all claims and cost arising from these issues. Any logos contained on this site are not for sale and are not an endorsement from their owners, nor do we offer any endorsement of their owners. By placing an order, we reserve the right to use any overruns for digital media, print media and/or product samples illustrating our printing capabilities.

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I don't have my own art or logo.  Do you offer clip art?

Definitely. Our collection of over 750 stock art images is free to use on coasters, cups, huggers, napkins/guest towels and plates. You can find our stock art collection here or browse them in My Limelight Designer when you’re ready to personalize your product. Can’t find the image you need? Email us at with your request. If we have the art on file, we’ll email it back to you. Our typesetters are quite busy, so it may take a day or two to do a search.

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Can I reorder the same personalized product that I have ordered before?

Reordering your custom cups, napkins, and huggers is easy at Limelight Paper. You can reorder quickly and easily with our convenient "reorder" feature. Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account.*
  2. Once logged in, click your name to access your account.
  3. Under "My Account", click the order number that contains the item you wish to reorder.
  4. Click "Preview" next to a specific product to review the product's design so you can be sure you are reordering the correct item.
  5. Click "Reorder" next to a specific product and that product will be added to your shopping cart.
  6. Repeat this process for each product you wish to reorder.
  7. Once you have finished choosing the items you wish to reorder, click "MY CART" (at the top right of the page) to view your cart and edit the product's quantity as needed.

*Didn't set up an account? No worries! Email us at, and we will send you an account activation email. You should be able to access your previous orders once your account is activated.

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How do I know what size cup to order?

When in doubt about cup size, always order up! Ounce size is indicative of "flush fill capacity", or total amount of liquid volume held. In other words, ounce size is measured when the cup is filled to the brim with liquid, NOT including ice. Stated ounces are intended to show approximate volume and are not an implied guarantee of exact volume.

The following are just a few suggestions regarding cup sizes:

• A 12 oz soft drink over ice fits nicely in a 16, 20 or 24 oz cup, depending on how much ice you prefer.
• Wine works best in one of our smaller size cups (9 - 14 oz).
• A 12 oz beer works best in a 16 oz cup.
• A 16 oz cup is the most versatile size if you intend to serve mixed drinks, wine and beer and only want to order one size cup.

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What brand styrofoam cups do you use?

Our thick, high quality styrofoam cups are manufactured by Dart.  Beverages can be maintained at their optimal temperature longer with Dart insulated foam cups.

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Are any of your products dishwasher safe?

Frost-flex cups and stadium cups are top rack dishwasher safe and very durable.

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Are any of your products made from recycled products?

None of our products are made from recycled materials.

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Are any of your products recyclable?

All of our products are recyclable. The recycling code may be found on the bottom of each item we sell.

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May I use more than one ink color?

FOR QUANTITIES LESS THAN 50,000: You may choose a different ink color on side 1 than on side 2, but we cannot print two ink colors on the same side. This is available on personalized cups and huggers only. In other words, side 1 can be red and side 2 can be blue, but you cannot use both red and blue on each side. There is an increase in the cup or hugger price when you print two ink colors. (See applicable price lists for details). We cannot print two ink colors on coasters, napkins/guest towels or plates.

FOR QUANTITIES OF 50,000 OR MORE: We can print multiple colors on the same side. Please email us at for details and price quotes.

May I use an ink color not shown on your ink chart?

We can print any Pantone Matching System (PMS) ink color on our personalized cups and huggers. This service is not available on our napkins. You may specify the PMS color in the space provided when placing your order. If you need to match the ink on cups and napkins, do not choose a special PMS color, as napkins do not use PMS color ink.

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May I change or cancel my order after it has been placed?

Changes or cancellations will not be accepted after an order is placed. All orders are final and will be printed and shipped exactly as ordered. Before finalizing your order, we highly recommend proofing all personalization details carefully, as well as double-checking your shipping and billing addresses. If additional product is needed after placing your order, you will need to place an additional, separate order.

Changes or Cancellations Due to Extenuating Circumstances: If a change or cancellation is approved due to extenuating circumstances, a $10 change fee will be incurred. Any request for a change or cancellation should be emailed to (We do not accept changes by telephone.) You will be notified by email if your requested change or cancellation was approved. At that time the $10 change fee will be charged to the credit card used for your order.
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May I get a proof of my order before it is printed?

You may request a printer's proof when you place your order at a cost of $15. A professional typesetter will typeset your text in the final and exact layout requested in your order. While your layout request will be followed as closely as possible, sometimes adjustments are necessary. Multiple changes may incur additional fees. As soon as the proof is available from the typesetter, we will email a black and white copy of your order to you. Typically, proofs are sent to you approximately 2 business days after your order has been placed, but may take longer during the holiday season. Upon final approval of your proof, normal print processing times can be expected. If, after reviewing your proof, you decide to cancel your order, you may do so at that time.

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What do I do if my order is incorrect or damaged?

If your order is not satisfactory, email us at within 72 hours of order receipt.  Please include the following information:

  • Order Number
  • Description of problem
  • Exact date replacement product is needed
  • A photo of the product showing the problem

We will gladly send a replacement or refund your credit card for the part of your order that was misprinted, missing or damaged. 

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May I return my order?

Product Returns
Personalized Product: Limelight Paper & Partyware does not accept returns of personalized orders unless an error was made on our part. If an error occurs and the product is used, we will not issue a credit for the error.
Non-personalized Product: Unprinted/non-personalized products may be returned under certain conditions. Before returning merchandise, email us for a return authorization. Unprinted/non-personalized items must be returned in unused and undamaged condition within 15 days of the invoice date to receive credit.

Restocking Fee
A 15% re-stocking fee or a $10 fee, whichever is greater, will be charged on all unprinted/non-personalized product authorized returns. Unauthorized returns and refused orders will not be accepted for refunds. Shipping charges cannot be credited and return shipping is the customer's responsibility. Please pack the item in its original packaging (unused) and send to us with shipping pre-paid by you. Once the product is received, the credit card used to place the order will be credited within 7-21 business days.

All authorized returns should ship to:

Limelight Paper & Partyware
ATTN: Lisa Roberts
11220 Pagemill Road
Dallas, TX 75243

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What if I do not receive an order confirmation email?

There are two main reasons for your not receiving an order confirmation email. First, an error in the e-mail address you provided in your order. Second, you also should check your "bulk", "spam" or "junk mail" folder. To ensure receipt of future emails regarding your Limelight Paper order, please add to your "safe senders" list.

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What is your shipping method?

Orders are shipped via FedEx from our printing facility in Dallas, TX. Refer to this FedEx shipping map to determine how long it will take your order to reach you via FedEx Ground. Faster shipping speeds are available and may be chosen at checkout.

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Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free FedEx Ground shipping.

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Do you offer expedited shipping?

We offer FedEx 2 Day and FedEx Overnight.  You may choose your shipping speed at checkout.

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What is the turnaround time for my order?

    Note:  While we assume responsibility for the date an order leaves our printing facility in Dallas, Texas, please understand that just as FedEx does not unconditionally guarantee delivery times, neither can we. Consequently, the risk of shipping delays must be assumed by the customer. Please note that this includes weather-related delays.
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    Do you ship to post office boxes?

    We do not ship to post office boxes.

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    What days do you ship?

    We ship on business days only. Business days do not include Saturdays or Sundays. Also, please take the following FedEx holidays into account when planning your delivery time: Memorial Day, Independence Day (may be on day other than 7/4), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day & New Year's Day.

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    What if my order is delayed (by bad weather, for instance)?

    While we assume responsibility for the date an order leaves our printing facility in Dallas, Texas, please understand that just as FedEx does not unconditionally guarantee delivery times*, neither can we. Consequently, the risk of shipping delays must be assumed by the customer. Please note that this includes weather-related delays.

    *FedEx will not be liable for loss, damage, delay, shortage, misdelivery, nondelivery, misinformation, or failure to provide information in connection with your shipment caused by events we cannot control, including but not limited to acts of God, perils of the air, weather conditions, mechanical delays, acts of public enemies, war, strikes, civil commotions, or acts or omissions of public authorities (including customs and health officials) with actual or apparent authority.
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    What if FedEx says my order was delivered but it hasn’t been received?

    In our experience, 99% of the time FedEx can prove delivery. Therefore, we suggest checking with neighbors, behind bushes, at alternate doors that are seldom used at the location of the shipping address, etc., before any other action is taken.

    In order to be considered lost, a package must be undelivered for 24 hours AFTER the expected delivery date and time. We cannot report the package as undelivered or lost until then. If the order is not located within 24 hours, we will file a claim with FedEx, who will conduct a package search that may take up to 10 days. If FedEx is unable to locate the missing package, the claim will be approved and we will reprint the order and ship it immediately. If FedEx locates the package, the claim will not be approved and the order will be delivered.

    NOTE: If we reprint and reship an order prior to the 24-hour reporting period and/or prior to the package search period and the original order is subsequently located by FedEx and delivered, the cost of the reprinted order will be the responsibility of the customer.

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    How should initials read when using a monogram?

    When choosing a monogram style where all of the initials in the monogram are the same size (for example, cup/napkin monograms M-29 and M-30), initials appear in the following order:

    • For an unmarried female or unmarried or married male - first name initial, middle name initial, last name initial
      Mary Elizabeth Ford = MEF
    • For a married female - first name initial, maiden name initial, last name initial
      Mary Ford Jones = MFJ

    When choosing a monogram style with a larger center initial (for example, cup/napkin monograms M-25, M-26, M-37, M-38, M-39 and M-40), or a larger last name initial (cup/napkin monograms M-27, M-28) initials appear in the following order:

    • For an unmarried female or unmarried or married male: first name initial, middle name initial, last name initial
      Mary Elizabeth Ford = MFE
    • For a married female: first name initial, married name initial, maiden name initial
      Mary Ford Jones = MJF
    • For a monogram using combined initials of a female and male (out of courtesy, the female’s first name initial typically comes first): female’s first name initial, common LAST name initial, male’s first name initial
      Mary and Charles Jones = MJC
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    What is the best way to personalize a product for a couple?

    What is the best way to personalize a product for a couple? When titles are used for a married couple, the husband’s title always comes first:

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jones
    Judge and Mrs. Charles Jones
    Doctor and Mrs. Charles Jones

    When titles are not used (married or unmarried), out of courtesy, the female’s name is listed first regardless of whether a last name is included or not:

    Mary and Charles Jones
    Elizabeth and Edward

    When using a monogram style that includes a last name initial and first names (for example, cup/napkin monograms M-31, M-32, M-34, M-35), or simply two first names (for example, cup/napkin monogram M-33), out of courtesy, the female’s name typically comes first:

    Mary J Charles
    mary & charles
    M & C
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    What is the best way to personalize a product for a family?

    The simple way is to simply list the family’s surname with NO apostrophe:

    The Jones Family
    The Joneses

    When individual family member’s names are listed, the father’s name should come first, then the wife’s name, followed by the children’s names which are typically listed according to age with the oldest being first:

    Charles, Mary, Clarence, Millicent and May (using “and”)
    Charles, Mary, Clarence, Millicent & May (using "&")

    When the parents are listed first on a separate line (top line), out of courtesy, the wife’s name comes first followed by either “and” or an ampersand (&) and the husband’s name is listed second. The children’s names are then centered underneath on line two and are listed according to age with the oldest being first:

    Mary and Charles
    Charles, Millicent and May
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    What is the proper way to make a last name plural?

    When a last name ends in “s”, “x”, “z”, “ch”, and “sh”, add an “–es”:

    The Williamses, The Joneses, The Churches

    Many people feel this not only looks very awkward, but sounds awkward as well. An alternative to this is to say:

    The Williams Family, The Jones Family, The Church Family

    When a last names ends in “o” or “y”, add “s”:

    The Henrys, The Garbos
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    What is the difference in a plural and a plural possessive?

    An apostrophe (‘) is used to show ownership, NEVER to form a plural:

    Cheers from The Smiths
    (NOT Cheers from The Smith’s)
    The Henrys
    (NOT The Henry’s)
    Halls’ Lake House
    (NOT Hall’s Lake House)
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    How do I make sure that my text is large and is easily read?

    Text sizing is based on the number of characters per line. In other words, the more text you enter on each line, the smaller the words will appear on your personalized cup or napkin. We recommend that you break up your text onto several separate lines.

    • This set up allows the letters to be larger and will show up better.
    • This setup will cause your letters to be smaller and harder to read.
      Catherine and Michael
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    How many letters or characters may I have on my product?

    We will typeset up to 60 letters or characters with stock art (per side) at no charge. Add 20 cents per letter for each letter or character over 60. This fee will be billed to the credit card used with your order.

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    May I have a photo printed on your products?

    We can print black and white photos on styrofoam cups and 3-ply white napkins. We prefer Adobe Illustrator in a vector image, but will also accept jpegs. All images must be 600 dpi or greater. Photographs are considered custom art and will incur a custom art fee.

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