Personalized Koozies for All Occasions

Here at Limelight Paper, our personalized koozies are one of our coolest (literally and figuratively) products. Our customers have told us that their party guests love taking koozies home, and we also get regular orders from corporate clients looking for standout giveaways at professional events. If you’re looking for a little something extra for your next party, corporate event, or need a fab gift idea, a customizable koozie could be it.
by Kate Trammell

Personalized Solo & Stadium Cups, the Quintessential Party Cups

Solo cups and stadium cups have stood the test of time…and partying! You really can’t go wrong with either of these cup stalwarts, especially if they are personalized! Here are a few of our favorite ways to use these tried-and-true products.
by Kate Trammell


Frost-Flex™ Cups, Shatterproof Cups, Frosted Plastic Cups, Custom Wedding Cups…all of these terms have been used to describe one of our most popular personalized cups.  We call them "Frost-Flex™ cups" because that is their trademarked name, but you can call them whatever you like!  No matter what you call them, the Frost-Flex™ cup is the sophisticated darling of the personalized and monogrammed cup world.
by Kate Trammell

Much Ado About Cup Size


Size matters, as they say. Nothing is more true when it comes to our personalized cups.  We get email after email from customers after they receive their orders saying the cups they ordered are too small. 

Here’s our best advice in a nutshell: When in doubt about cup size, always order the larger size!

by Kate Trammell

How Long Will It Take To Get My Order?

Good question. In fact, this is one of the most common questions we get at Limelight Paper.

We offer several options to customize the delivery of your personalized cups, napkins, koozies, etc. exactly to your liking. Not only that, but we’ve included an extremely helpful delivery date estimator so you can see when your order should arrive. Just type in your state and zip, and the estimator tells when it’ll get to you.

by Kate Trammell

Make Your Holiday Party the Most Wonderful Event of the Year

Holiday parties and get-togethers are a great time to see friends and family, blow off a little steam, and generally get all seasoned up. But holiday parties can be a lot of work for the party planner (i.e., you). If nothing else, there’s the cleaning up and putting away after happy partygoers skeedaddle home.  

This is supposed to be fun, right? Here’s a quick suggestion: Visit Limelight’s website and order our personalized cups, napkins, coasters, and plates to make your life a lot easier. Not only can you personalize them to add real pizzazz to your party, you can just toss ‘em when it’s over. On the other hand, what if you custom-design something so joyous your guests want to take it home? Like a coaster, guest towel, or fancy-schmancy cup?  

by Kate Trammell

Personalize The Perfect Christmas Gift

Our personalized cups, koozies, coasters, plates, napkins and guest towels are a thoughtful holiday gift and always well received! With My Limelight Designer, our handy new design tool, you have a plethora of custom choices at your fingertips.

Add your special someone’s boat name, lake house name, beach house name, couples’ names, children’s names, or family name. Whatever, for whomever, however you want. Or, what if your personalized design used the ink colors of your husband’s or son’s favorite team? You can even match the décor of your daughter’s or BFF’s apartment. With My Limelight Designer, you can do that and a whole lot more on our website. The possibilities, as they say, are endless.

by Kate Trammell

Thanksgiving Cups & Napkins - Making Your Holiday Weekend Easy

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to have family in town for a long holiday weekend. It’s just that sometimes you can't enjoy as many moments with your loved ones if you have to spend so much time in the kitchen washing dishes and cleaning up, right? 

Solution: Our personalized or pre-printed disposable cups and napkins. They’re perfect for saving time on that necessary post-dinner cleanup. Plus, our cups and napkins look nice enough to serve at the big turkey table. And when you’re done, you can just toss them in the trash. Clean up is over in a flash so you can get out of the kitchen and join the family. Watch football, walk off that extra helping of dressing, or play that hilariously silly game you all love. 

by Kate Trammell

Introducing Limelight Paper & Partyware

Limelight Paper & Partyware is a new, more innovative Paper House Online. We sell a wide variety of personalized cups, napkins, guest towels, koozies, coasters and plates.

So how is our new website more innovative? The entire site is a major upgrade from Paper House Online with lots of new products and features. On the techno side, it’s simpler to navigate, super efficient, and gives you way more choices to personalize as you wish. And when we say more choices, we mean more than ever before, thanks to the new My Limelight Designer. This handy new design tool is perhaps the most innovative thing we’ve added. It has all sorts of neat bells and whistles at your fingertips to make awesome custom designs in a flash.

by Kate Trammell