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Custom Partyware for Your Special Wedding Party


The bridal shower, bachelorette party, and day of matrimony will come later. Right now, you’ve got a wedding party to plan for your best friend. This fun get-together is the perfect way to introduce the families of the bride and groom to each other and the bridesmaids, groomsmen and other important wedding guests. It’s also just an awesome excuse to celebrate the engagement. Here at Limelight Paper and Partyware, we are your one-stop-shop for personalized napkins, cups, plates, and more. Whether your wedding party is backyard BBQ casual or hotel ballroom fancy, we’ve got the customized partyware to make it as special and unique as your love!

Have a Drink

If your friend, son, or daughter has just gotten engaged then they will be on the receiving end of numerous toasts. At the wedding party, make sure your guests have a quality cup in hand. We can make that happen. Simple can be sweet with our soft plastic cups and Styrofoam cups (perfect for keeping beer cold on a hot summer day). Our frosted plastic cups and stadium cups are also a big hit at wedding parties. They hold drinks like a champ, and the guests can even take them home and re-use them. (Pro tip: order extras and tuck them into thank you bags for the bridesmaids and groomsmen!)

Need a Napkin?

Along with toasts, wedding parties invariably trigger lots of happy tears. You don’t want the bride’s Mom blowing her nose on her shawl as her daughter recounts how the super romantic proposal went down. Instead, have a personalized napkin at the ready. We offer beverage and appetizer napkins, luncheon and dinner napkins, and even super cool guest towels that you can stock in the bathroom. Choose your color and material and then start designing away!

Plates not Hate

Finally, celebrations and food go hand in hand… or should we say hand to mouth? Whether you’re serving caviar and lobster tails, or chicken wings dunked in the Uncle Joe’s famous sauce, make sure you have plates that can handle all that yummy goodness at your wedding party. We’ve got plenty of personalized plates on offer at Limelight. Our standard plates are perfect for a casual home celebration. For something with a little more zing, try our premium plates, or cut some corners with our square plates. Whichever plate you choose, you’ve saved yourself some serious cleanup. After everyone has had their fill, toss these babies in the recycling can, and you are ready to hit the dance floor!

The Personal Touch

This wedding party is about the love of people you care about. If your bestie has found a one-of-a-kind partner for the rest of their life, celebrate with one-of-a-kind partyware. After you’ve picked your cups, napkins, and plates, you can personalize them for the special couple with My Limelight Designer. This is our design lab, where you can monogram their initials, write a famous love quote with one of our fonts, and stamp on hearts galore or maybe from our stock art. Monograms are an especially popular choice for wedding parties, as are writing out the names of the betrothed and their wedding date.

As you plan a fab wedding party for a deserving couple, we hope our design lab can help you have lots of fun making unique partyware. Of course, this party is only the start of the celebration. If you plan on helping out with the bachelorette party, bachelor party, wedding shower, and – of course – the wedding itself, we hope you’ll keep us in mind for all those occasions as well!

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