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FedEx does an excellent job delivering our packages.  However, you may have gotten an email that your package was delivered but cannot find it.  Call FedEx at 1-800-463-3339 to report your missing package. FedEx will ask the following questions before initiating a package trace:

    • Did you check with other members of your household/office to be sure they did not receive the package?
    • Did you check with your neighbors?
    • Did you check the alternate doors that are seldom used at the location of the shipping address?

      If the order is not located within 24 hours, we will file a claim with FedEx, who will conduct a package search that may take up to 10 days. If FedEx is unable to locate the missing package, the claim will be approved and we will reprint the order and ship it immediately. If FedEx locates the package, the claim will not be approved and the order will be delivered.

      If you need your package for a date-specific event, we can usually reprint and reship your order.  However, if we reprint and reship an order prior to the 24-hour reporting period and/or prior to the package search period and the original order is subsequently located by FedEx and delivered, the cost of the reprinted order will be the responsibility of the customer.

      NOTE: Limelight Paper is not responsible for orders with shipping delays. Therefore, we do not issue credit for goods that were shipped on time. We will issue credit for shipping charges recovered from FedEx after a claim has been approved. If your order is lost, a full credit will be issued after the claim has been approved.


      If your package arrives and the product is damaged, please email us at with the following information:

      • Order Number
      • Exact date replacement product is needed
      • A photo of the product showing the damage is helpful

      We will gladly send a replacement asap or refund your credit card for the part of your order that was misprinted, missing or damaged.