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Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Event with Personalized Linun Napkins and Guest Towels

You know how you feel just a little more important when you go to a restaurant with real cloth napkins? If you want every one of your guests at your next event to feel that same way but without the expense and huge dry cleaning bill, then order a batch of Limelight Paper and Partyware’s custom disposable linun (linen-like) napkins and guest towels. These beautiful paper napkins and guest towels feel almost like cloth, and they’re just as elegant. Plus, you can customize them just for your big party or event. Your guests are going to feel like a million bucks with these gorgeous napkins on their laps or under their glasses.

What Are Linun Napkins?

Never heard of linun napkins or guest towels before? That’s okay. When you receive your first order, you’ll never forget them. Linun napkins feel and look like soft, gorgeous linen fabric, but they’re actually made of paper. Linun napkins are strong, absorbent, and look fabulous! They make any event seem like the high class affair it is. Best of all, they don’t come with the downsides of typical cloth napkins. When they get wet and stained, you can toss them right into the recycling bin! No stain remover or dry cleaner required!

Choose Your Napkin or Guest Towel

At Limelight, we let you customize your linun napkin. Start by picking the size you want. Are you looking for cocktail or appetizer napkins, or do you need full lap coverage for a luncheon or fancy dinner? Whatever napkin size you need, we’ve got just the right fit.

While you review our napkin selections, don’t overlook our custom linun hand guest towels. Place these babies in your powder room and delight guests when they need to make a pit stop. Linun is the perfect material for guest towels, because it can hold up to rigorous hand drying.

Next, choose one of our napkin design templates and your color. We have just about every hue available, so we can match your wedding day color scheme, your company’s corporate colors, or the appropriate holiday theme. That’s right, we’ve got green for St. Patrick’s Day, purple for your Mardi Gras bash, or red and green for your very merry Christmas party.

Now it’s time to get creative.

Make Your Mark

My Limelight Designer is our official design lab, where you can personalize your linun napkins with monograms, different fonts and colors, and stock art.

Monograms are a popular option for our personalized linun napkins and guest towels. They look gorgeous and classy at wedding receptions, bridal showers, and wedding parties. Our customers also love perusing through our many fonts to add the name and date of their party as well. Finally, our stock art collection lets you add some fun and frivolity to your linun napkins. We offer a wide collection of images that can fit your holiday party, spice up your birthday bash, or celebrate a sports team victory.

Don’t see the image that you want? Then upload your own.

Custom linun napkins give you all the beauty and strength of linen with all the convenience of a disposable paper napkin. Order today, and we know it will be love at first spill.


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