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Personalized Soft Plastic & Stadium Cups, the Quintessential Party Cups

Soft plastic cups and stadium cups have stood the test of time…and partying! You really can’t go wrong with either of these cup stalwarts, especially if they are personalized! Here are a few of our favorite ways to use these tried-and-true products.


Nothing screams tailgating quite like a solo or stadium cup. Personalized soft plastic and stadium cups are the perfect addition to make your tailgate event extra special. These fun cups add to the festivity of the event, especially if you coordinate your cup design with your team colors or tent/tailgate decorations, which is easy to do with all the ink colors and cup colors (4 colors for soft plastic cups and over 30 colors for stadium cups) offered by Limelight. Both soft plastic and stadium cups make a nice compact stack and are easy to pack and transport to your tailgate spot.

One of the more popular ways to customize your soft plastic or stadium cups for the fall football tailgating season is to add your tailgate group or family name to your custom cup design. And obviously you can’t go wrong if you add the team mascot, team name, team slogan…or all of the above! You can even have the best of both worlds by personalizing both sides of the cup. Put your group/family name on side 1 and then add your team info on side 2 and voila! The perfect personalized party cup for game day.  Add beer, bourbon or other drink of choice and your party planning is done!

By the way, tailgating is not just for sporting events! Tailgating before concerts is highly recommended! (“Red solo cup, you fill me up”.  We see you, Toby Keith!)  


There is no cup more suited to beer pong than a soft plastic party cup. Period. The only way to improve on this scenario is to order custom cups.  Personalize them with your fraternity name, beach/lake house name or let your party theme dictate the cup design.  Crank the tunes, line ‘em up and let the games begin!  Enough said.


Personalized stadium cups are totally the way to go for birthday parties for kids (of all ages!). There are tons of colors to suit any party theme. Our stadium cups are super sturdy and can be washed countless times in the top rack of your dishwasher, which makes them a great party keepsake. You can fill them with candy for party favors, or serve drinks in them. And since we sell lids to fit our cups, your house stays spill-free! Yea!

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