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Who Needs a Drink? Classy, Personalized Frost Flex™ Cups

Every get-together, whether it’s your Uncle Freddy’s backyard barbeque or your own nuptials, needs liquid refreshments. Keep it classy with our beautiful and popular frost flex™ cups. These aren’t your mother’s drink receptacles. They are shatterproof – so they can survive the dance floor – and reusable. Oh, and did we mention that they look awesome? They totally do. Guess what will make them even more awesome? You! Put on your creative hat and go to town to personalize your frosted plastic (frost flex™) cups so that they match your party theme and your wonderful personality.

Frosted Plastic Cups Are the Way to Go

You want to make your event or party stand out, but you’re working on a budget. The ice sculpture and acrobats are out, but you can still add a big injection of fun into the proceedings with personalized shatterproof cups. These beautiful cups can go from casual to elegant in a moment based on your event. They look just as good at your rowdy tailgate party as at your wedding reception.

Drink to your heart’s (possibly not your liver’s) delight, pop these cups in the top rack of your dishwasher, and reuse them until infinity. Frosted cups can serve double duty at your party, holding drinks like a champ and then going home with guests as an awesome keepsake that will always remind them of your epic throw down.

They also look great in your vacation home, on your boat, or in the hands of the friends and family members who are impossible to shop for. Many of our customers love giving personalized frost flex™ cups as thank you or holiday gifts to party hostesses, family members and friends.

Choose from a number of sizes, including a pinky-up 5-ounce cup (which can also serve as a great shot glass) and a gulp-tastic 24-ounce size. Whether you want to sip, slurp, or throw back, we’ve got the shatterproof cup size for you.

Make It One-of-a-Kind

The best thing about our frost flex™ cups is that you can make them truly yours with My Limelight Designer, our graphic design lab. Here you can add a monogram, text, stock art, or your own uploaded image to make these cups a unique treasure.

Monograms are popular for bridal showers, weddings, and graduations. Text lets you add the name of your party, your family name, or a meaningful phrase. Our stock art collection helps you complete the picture, literally. We’ve got team mascots, holiday images, party themes, and just about everything else under the sun (and some stars too!). If you can’t find what you’re looking for, upload your own image and then check out exactly how your cup is going to look before you finalize your order.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with customized frosted plastic cups. They will push your party or event to the finish line and let your guests take home a fun reminder of your brilliant party planning skills.

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