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Your Boat Deserves Personalized Cups and Koozies

It’s anchors away on your boat, but not before you stock your new beauty with all the supplies you need to sail on the open waters in luxury and comfort. If you’re inviting friends on deck or just enjoying a fun cruise with the family, make sure you remember to bring drinks and some tasty treats to nibble on. You’re going to need cups for those drinks – preferably something that won’t break if you hit choppy waters. We also recommend koozies to keep your beer nice and chilly as you lounge on deck. At Limelight Paper and Partyware, we want your cups and koozies to be as unique as your boat. You gave your boat a name, right? So why not also personalize your cups and koozies to show your family and your guests that they deserve the personal touch when you’re the captain.

Choose Your Cup

Whether you prefer a delicious sip of wine as you sunbath on the deck or a soothing craft brew while you wait to land that big one, Limelight gives you plenty of cup choices to hold your favorite beverage. Our cups are as fancy or as casual as you need. Want something that fits with the relaxed nature of your cruise? Then order a set of Styrofoam cups, soft plastic cups or our stadium cups. They can help you stay hydrated as you search for whales and dolphins in the distance.

If you’re running a classy vessel, choose our stylish shatterproof cups. They’ll make you look almost regal as you sip from them, and best of all, they’re reusable (top rack only in the dishwasher). Whichever cup you choose, you’ll get to pick from plenty of styles and colors. Want to match those stripes you had painted on the bow? We can do it!

Of course, the best way to personalize your cup is to head over to My Limelight Designer design lab.

Customize Your Cup

Proudly broadcast the name of your boat by adding it to your cups. We offer dozens of fonts that will let you capture the spirit of the boat, everything from our highly refined Admiral, Americana or Chevalier fonts to our more casual Lobster font and just about every other style in-between.

Another great option is to include your family initials in a monogram on the cup. We have plenty of beautiful monogram options that will transform an ordinary cup into a high-end accessory that your guests will love.

Add a note of fun to your cup design with our stock art collection. We’ve got lots of great nautical options, including anchors, boats, a sailor’s knot, boat wheel and even a compass.  Not to mention plenty of fish and sealife options.  Unleash your creativity and make your cups truly unique!

We Also Offer Huggers

Nothing puts a kink in the sails like warm, flat beer. You can prevent this disaster from occurring by keeping a set of huggers on board your boat. At Limelight Paper and Partyware, we offer three different hugger types, including our collapsible neoprene can hugger, neoprene bottle hugger, and our foam can cooler. Each comes in a variety of colors and can be customized just like your cups. Add a monogram, your boat’s name, and matching stock art so that your huggers match your cups.

These huggers are high quality and can be re-used. They also make great presents to your friends and family as a keepsake from their outing on your boat.

That’s not all we offer at Limelight. While you are designing your cups and huggers, consider also putting in an order for custom napkins and plates. With your boat fully stocked with fun, unique partyware, it’ll be smooth sailing ahead…as long as you remember to pull up the anchor!

Happy sailing, captain! 

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