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Add Panache to Your Mardi Gras Party

Mardi Gras is a celebration of excess. Each year, partygoers slip on colorful masks, buy up dazzling beads, and dance to brass bands as huge floats and spectacles fill the streets of major cities, including Mardi Gras capital, New Orleans. If you want to get in the Mardi Gras spirit this year by hosting your own party, make it special with personalized napkins, cups and custom gifts from Limelight Paper and Partyware.

You’re Going to Need Napkins

There’s only one thing to keep in mind when planning your Mardi Gras party. Fun, fun, and more fun! There is no higher purpose to Mardi Gras; it is simply an excuse to let loose. Don’t overthink the specifics. You’ll need yummy eats, plenty of drinking options, and music that will shake a few fillings loose, and that’s it.

Since food will be part of the equation, keep napkins at the ready. (Just because you’re breaking it down doesn’t mean you want crumbs in your carpet!) At Limelight, we are your custom Mardi Gras napkin hookup.

First of all, we’ve got exactly the size of napkins you want: appetizer, beverage, dinner napkins, and even posh guest towels. Next, we let you choose your napkin type: 3-ply, linun, masslin, or moire. In other words, your napkins can be simple and practical or they can add a luxurious touch to your Mardi Gras madness.

Now, choose your napkin color. (Green, gold, and purple are all available.) Once you’ve got those details down, it’s time to step into our design lab, called My Limelight Designer. This is where your napkins turn from ordinary to extraordinary. That’s because you get to customize them just the way you want. Start by adding text in the color and type of font you desire. Maybe add your party’s name and the year. Want a sophisticated family monogram that harkens back to the old families from the Big Easy? We offer a variety of monogram styles as well.

Finally, put your unique mark on the napkins by adding some cool art from our stock art collection, or by uploading your krewe logo. We’ve got Mardi Gras inspired images you can use, including images of drinks, a Fleur de Lis, masks, and more. Your personalized Mardi Gras napkins will be so cool, your guests can be forgiven for hesitating to use them to mop up spills or dry their hands. (That’s why you’ve got to order plenty of extras.)

Mardi Gras Cups

Of course, for many a Mardi Gras party, drinking takes center stage. That means a lot of attention will fall on your cups. Don’t just grab plain-Jane cups from the grocery store. Your party deserves better than that! At Limelight, we let you customize a variety of different cups. If you just need a drinking conveyance, go with our paper cups, plastic cups, or our perennial favorite soft plastic party cups. For something a little more unique, our stadium cups offer some major gulping power in their larger size options. Finally, our frosted plastic shatterproof cups are always a party favorite. Not only can they hold any manner of mixed drink like a champ, but they are also reusable. (Remind your guests that frost flex cups can only go on the top shelf of the dishwasher.)

All our cups are customizable, so take another trip through My Limelight Designer to make them truly special!

Of course, if you are under the gun to make your Mardi Gras party happen, then consider ordering our pre-designed Mardi Gras napkins and cups. We also offer personalized plates, koozies, and coasters if you really want to swag up your party.

We hope your party is a blast and encourage you to have fun and stay safe this Mardi Gras!  

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