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A Brush with Brilliance? These Personalized Beverage Napkins Are It!



Where the drinks go, the stylish napkin must follow. You’ve spent so much time and effort picking out the perfect drink menu for your big occasion, so let’s make the napkin choice a no-brainer. At Limelight Paper and Partyware, we have the personalized beverage napkins for you. How do we know this? Because we give you all the choices! Pick your cocktail napkin color and material, and then design it to your heart’s desire. We’re sure your personalized cocktails are going to be great, but don’t be surprised if everyone’s looking at the napkins instead!

Drink in These Napkins

Whether your guests want their martinis shaken or stirred, they’ll definitely want a cocktail napkin to accompany their drink selection. Custom napkins pair great with whatever drink you’ve got on tap, from flirty cosmos, to sensuous cabernets, to hearty lagers, and bubbly soda pop for the kids. Our beverage napkins are the perfect size to fit nice and snug under a glass’s bottom to protect your surfaces. Also, despite their name, custom beverage napkins are also the perfect pick for your appetizers and finger food. Don’t insult your classy hors d’oeuvres by throwing them on a bland plate. Wrap them up with a beautiful personalized cocktail napkin.

The Right Touch

Next up, it’s all about the touch. Do you want cocktail napkins that feel as smooth as a baby’s you know what or something a little tougher that can hold up against a full soup deluge? Choose your napkin material from 3-ply, linun, masslin or moire.

Color Free Wheeling

Finally, it’s time to hit just the right spot on the color wheel. Our personalized napkins come in just about every color you can imagine. Need some bright orange napkins for Halloween? How about scarlet red for your lovey-dovey anniversary? There’s gold for your corporate event or blue, because, heck who doesn’t like blue? If you want your beverage napkins to be a little more active, take a look at our pattern options as well.

Time to Design

The last step in this awesome napkin adventure is a stop at My Limelight Designer. This is our graphics shop where you turn your generic beverage napkin into a one-of-a-kind treasure. Take a look at our collection of monograms. These are great options for a wedding shower, anniversary party, wedding reception, or fun family barbeque. If your party has a cool name, write it loud and clear across your napkins using one of our many fonts. Our styles go from classy to whacky, with just about every option in between.

Finally, make your mark with our stock art. Add snowflakes or turkeys or pumpkins depending on the holiday. We’ve got sports mascots, wedding bells, birthday hats, and more. Whatever the theme of your party, we’ve probably got a piece of art to match it. Put it all together, and your napkin is done!

On a short timeline? We totally understand, which is why we offer pre-printed napkin options as well.

The Final Piece

Your beverage napkins are ready to print, and they look amazing. It’s just that something is missing. Don’t forget to add a stylish acrylic napkin holder to your order. This way, your napkins don’t have to sit in a sad little pile in the corner. Custom cocktail napkins with a napkin holder also make a warm, personalized gift for your friends and family. Our customers love giving them out at a housewarming party (monograms work great for these), or as a thank you gift to hostesses.

Don’t brush off the need for custom beverage napkins any longer. Order them from Limelight, or we’ll keep the lame puns coming!


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