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Create a Truly Special Birthday With Personalized Partyware

The whole point of a birthday celebration is to shine the spotlight on someone special in your life and recognize them on their day. That’s why you pay a few extra bucks to write their name on the birthday cake, plan a party outing that they like, and serve their favorite foods and drinks. Here’s a really cool way to make a birthday even more special – create custom cups, plates, and napkins for the birthday boy or girl. At Limelight Paper and Partyware, we help you unleash your inner creative genius so you can design personalized cups, plates, and napkins online that will make this a birthday your loved one won’t forget.

Let’s Talk About Cups

Whether you’ll be pouring soda pop for the kiddies or your famous margaritas for your best friend’s 40th birthday, you need some awesome cups that will do the party proud. At Limelight, our selection goes from classy & cool to simple & sweet. Our most popular frost flex cups look beautiful will certainly add elegance to your party. They look just as good at a fancy banquet as a casual backyard barbeque. They’re also reusable and make an awesome keepsake (top rack dishwasher only). For a party more relaxed but just as fun, try our stadium cups, which come in all sorts of sizes and colors. Our soft plastic cups are your no-fail solution and can step up the party plate like a champ. Finally, don’t overlook our Styrofoam cups, paper cups, and plastic cups. Even the simplest cup can turn into a treasure when you personalize it.

Did someone say “personalize”? That’s what we’re all about at Limelight. Once you’ve picked you cup, head over to My Limelight Designer where the magic happens. Now it’s your time to let your creativity shine. We’ve got over 150 fonts, more than a dozen monograms, and stock art galore that will let you create a one-of-a-kind cup. Put the birthday girl’s or guy’s name front and center on the cup. Is this a sweet sixteen, a quinceañera, or a 50th birthday bash? Add a cool party name or the number as a gorgeous monogram. Finally, take a tour of our stock art. We’ve got cupcakes, fireworks, hearts, and more. Are you throwing a theme party? Add a cowboy, an astronaut, a princess crown, or upload your very own design.

The process is a lot of fun, and at the end of it, you’ll have a truly unique treasure that will make your child’s, spouse’s, parent’s, or friend’s birthday even more special.

Every Party Needs Plates and Napkins

Your personalized birthday cups are cool, but you aren’t done yet! How are your guests going to have their cake and eat it too if you don’t offer plates and napkins? We’ve got you covered. Choose from a variety of plate sizes, including dessert plates for cake time and entrée-sized plates that can hold all your cooking goodness. Our standard plates come in just about every color of the rainbow, or choose to go fancy with our square plates or premium plates.

Since drinks will be spilled and frosting will find its way into Uncle Joey’s beard, you’ll want to keep plenty of napkins handy. At Limelight, we offer beverage napkins, along with luncheon and dinner sized options. One of our most popular picks is our guest towels, which will charm you your bathroom.

Regardless of which plate or napkin you pick, My Limelight Designer is waiting to turn them into unique, customized partyware. Make your plate and napkins match your cups or give them a design all their own!

Either way, your birthday girl or boy will feel lucky to have such a wonderful, thoughtful friend.


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