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Add a Personal Holiday Touch this Year with Custom Partyware

Let’s not “mince” words. The holidays and especially Thanksgiving are  the cooking Super Bowl of the year. If you have stepped onto the field to host your friends and family for the holidays, Thanksgiving or even a Friendsgiving get together, then you have got to bring your A game. The expectations are high, but we know you’ll pull of a big win. Make your holiday party extra special with the help of personalized partyware from Limelight Paper and Partyware.

Personalized Fonts, Monograms, and Stock Art

What makes Limelight so special is that you are the quarterback, calling the plays, and making the design decisions for your Thanksgiving and Christmas partyware. Whether you decide to buy custom holiday cups, napkins, plates, huggers, or coasters from us, you are in charge. For each item, you can use My Limelight Designer to add words, monograms, or images from our supply of stock art to your order.

For example, choose our fun Jelly Bean font to add your family name and year to an order of frost flex cups. If Thanksgiving is a fancy affair this year, choose our “linun” (thick, high quality, linen-like) napkins and premium plastic plates with silver or gold trim and add a monogram of your family initials. Very classy!

For something a little more silly, we have on offer stock art of turkeys (the bird and the dish), as well as a cornucopia, and happy pilgrims. Add these to your plates, cups, and napkins. Heck, order some huggers and then all of your guests will have a fantastic keepsake to bring home along with full bellies and lots of leftovers!

Make It a Family Project

You know how everyone in your family insists on bringing a favorite food dish over for the holiday meal? Well, if you’re worried about receiving three dishes of cranberry sauce and five dishes of yams, then why not ask family members to bring personalized plates, napkins, and cups? It can be a super fun experience to let nieces and nephews show off their creativity. Assign your uncle to purchase custom soft plastic cups for the kiddos to use and stadium cups for the adults. Ask your cousins to design Christmas or Thanksgiving guest towels that you can put into the bathroom. See what your kids can come up with when they can choose from all the different colors we offer with our round plates.

By the time holiday arrives, your house will be filled with one-of-a-kind partyware, each with its own unique personality. We bet you won’t struggle for conversation topics this year!

Fast and Easy Cleanup

Hosting the holiday meal is not an easy assignment. You’re signing up for hours in the kitchen as you make the magic happen. The last thing you want is a sink filled with dirty dishes. One of the primary reasons to consider ordering disposable partyware is because it’s, well… disposable! Nothing feels better than collecting all the empty plates and cups and tossing them in the trash and recycling bin! At Limelight, we offer appetizer, entrée, and dessert plate sizes, so you can toss them all! Our plates and some of our cups are recyclable, so you’ll be doing the planet a favor!

Just make sure you don’t throw away your personalized frost flex cups. They are dishwasher safe as long as you remember to put them on the top rack. Use them over and over and remember your awesome holiday event!

Using custom designed personalized partyware will make your big day memorable and special. We know that your family and friends will be thankful for all the hard work you did and the wonderful bounty you provided! Have a joyful Thanksgiving, Christmas or Holiday Party!


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