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How to Throw a Scary Good Halloween Party


Yes, Halloween is here, and you aren’t just going to kill it with your super-duper creepy Pennywise clown costume; you’re also going to throw an awesome party. How do we know? Because you are going to impress the pumpkin seeds out of your guests with your personalized partyware.

Ingredients to a Great Halloween Party

You don’t need a magic spell to whip up a great Halloween party. The ingredients are simple (no eye of newt necessary). Start with excellent decorations, add yummy food and theme drinks, throw on a good Halloween playlist, and then call up a bunch of your favorite friends.

Viola! A gruesomely good Halloween party. Here at Limelight Paper & Partyware, we can’t help you put the finishing touches on your costume or make sure your finger food actually looks like severed fingers, but we CAN add cool, personal touches to your party with custom partyware.

Drink Up with Personalized Cups

Your guests are going to need something they can use to drink up your “witch’s brew” or that lovely sangria you made with the floating grape eyeballs (nice touch!). Don’t disappoint with plain, boring paper cups from the store.

You can do better, and we can help. At Limelight, we offer cups galore that you can personalize with creepy fonts and Halloween-themed stock art. Our frost flex cups are a customer favorite. They look great, are dishwasher safe (top row only), and can easily turn from convenient drinking receptacle to cool take home souvenir. Also on our list are Styrofoam cups, perfect for hot chocolate or spiced hot cider, stadium cups, and the humble soft plastic party cup. You can personalize each cup by choosing a color and size, then using My Limelight Designer to add your personal design.

Check out our top Halloween fonts, like Creeper, Axis, Rockford, and Matisse ITC. Add the name of your party, your name, or some great Halloween pun, like “I’m just here for the boos.”

Napkins and Plates

You can’t serve your finger food without plates or napkins. (Where would your guests put the nails and bones?) Once you get your design on with our personalized cups, don’t stop. Add custom napkins and custom plates to your order.

We offer napkins in a variety of colors, and you can pick from beverage, luncheon, and dinner size. If you want to really blow your guests away, stock the bathroom with personalized Halloween guest towels. We have some great stock art you can add, like scary skeletons, a grinning pumpkin, and a boo-tastic ghost.

Don’t leave out the plates. We carry them in sizes that are perfect for appetizers and full meals if you’ve got some hungry ogres coming over. Choose from our standard party plates or notch up the festivities with our square plates or premium plates. Our black cat or spider web stock art would like great on these plates, especially if you choose an orange plate with black font or a black plate with orange font. (These colors only available on standard plates.)

Keep the Beer Chilled

We know that your Halloween party is going to be the hot ticket in town (even without a few devils in attendance), so make sure the beers stay cold. Our custom huggers are a perennial favorite, because they serve a useful purpose and make for an excellent keepsake after the party. Our neoprene can and bottle huggers come in lots of colors, including orange and black as do our foam huggers. Add your design and your ghosts… er, guests will love them!

A personalized touch can push your Halloween party up to a 10 on the scary-good scale. We hope you have tons of fun designing your partyware for Halloween, the holidays, and all the special occasions in your life.


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