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The Personalized Touch for Your DIY Wedding Reception


You aren’t the “packaged wedding” type. No cookie cutter decorations or standard playlist for you. Instead, you are going the DIY wedding route, where you can be as quirky, awesome and personalized as you want. At Limelight Paper and Partyware, we are so on board with showing a little individuality. We can even help by offering you personalized wedding cups, napkins, and plates.

Introducing My Limelight Designer

Personalizing your wedding can go far beyond just picking the color of your cups, plates, and napkins. At Limelight, we help you take the next step by putting the paintbrush (figuratively) in your hands. Choose one of our products and then make it yours in My Limelight Designer, our graphic design lab. Here, you can go to town choosing fonts, monograms, and images to add to your partyware.

Our monograms, in particular, are a wedding reception favorite. You can combine your initials in a dozen different styles, everything from elegant, to funky and fun. Use one of our many fonts to add the date and location of your big day, or maybe your favorite quote or religious saying. Finish it off with a cute image from our stock art collection. We’ve got hearts galore, rings, cakes, and more!

Don’t let us tell you what to do. This is your DIY wedding after all! Explore, have fun, and make your partyware all your own. Speaking of partyware…

Cups, Napkins, and Plates

Love may be able to keep your heart and soul full for a lifetime, but your stomach is a different matter. Your guests want to eat, drink, and celebrate, so give them the tools they need. At Limelight, we can hook you up with the perfect customized cups for your wedding reception, whether you want to go poshy elegant or backyard casual.

Our frost flex cups can dress up or dress down depending on the mood of your reception. They are beautiful, functional, and double as a wonderful keepsake (top shelf dishwasher only). For a more casual wedding reception, our stadium cups can go the distance and keep your guests hydrated. Finally, don’t discount our soft plastic party cups and Styrofoam cups. The right customized design can make them your perfect wedding reception accessory.

Next up, your plates will offer plenty of space for a gorgeous design. Start by deciding whether you want our reliable round plates, cool square plates, or our fancy premium plates with silver, ivory, or gold trim. All our plates are recyclable, meaning that when it’s time to clean up, you can toss them right into the recycle bin. No dishwashing necessary.

Did someone say cleanup? No wedding goes off without a hitch, which means someone is going to likely get a gravy stain on their tie or a little soup on their dress. Luckily, you’ll be ready with personalized napkins. We’ve got all sorts of colors, styles, and materials to choose from. Dab that cake frosting away with a gorgeous napkin you designed!

At Limelight, we make DIY fun and easy so you can skip the wedding stress (or at least some of it) and concentrate on the real reason for your ceremony – to celebrate your love with your closest friends and family.

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