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Monogrammed Partyware Is “Ware” It’s At


Monograms have this magical way of making just about anything seem a little more stylish. Think monogrammed robes, monogrammed slippers, monogrammed cufflinks. There’s just something empowering about putting your name or initials on an object using a sophisticated and stylish font. It’s probably why monograms are such a popular option here at Limelight Paper and Partyware. Our customers can personalize napkins, cups, plates, koozies, and coasters just about any way they like, but monograms are still one of their top choices. Are you ready to class up your next party with monogrammed partyware? Here’s how.

When to Monogram

Monograms make a great style addition for lots of different occasions. Here at Limelight, our customers place monograms on partyware for wedding receptions, wedding showers, bachelorette parties, anniversary celebrations, and bachelor bashes. Monograms also look snazzy on napkins and cups for a housewarming party. Many customers love stocking their vacation homes, including beach houses, mountain chalets, and boats with monogrammed plates and cups.

Monogrammed items also make excellent gifts. Did your aunt let you stay in her beach house over the summer? Say thank you in a personal way with monogrammed guest towels or napkins that come with an acrylic holder. Want everyone to remember your wedding reception for as long as they live? Send them away with frost flex cups or stadium cups stamped with the initials of you and your beloved.

Start the Monogram

Before you get down with your bad monogramming self, you need to decide what to monogram. At Limelight, we offer a variety of different cups, napkins, plates, koozies, and coasters.

Our collection of cups includes the beautiful and high-end frosted plastic cups as well as our simple-yet-reliable soft plastic party cups. If your event includes either hot or cold drinks, stamp your initials on a Styrofoam cup, which will keep in the heat or the chill so your party is always the right temperature.

No grumbling bellies at your celebration! We offer small appetizer plates and full entrée plates in a variety of colors. For a fancier shindig, consider our square plates or premium plates. No matter which plates you choose, cleanup is as easy as tossing them into the recycling bin.

Our dab-nastic napkins are next. Choose your size, your color, and your material, and then stamp a suave monogram in the corner. We provide lots of different ink colors to show the perfect contrast.

Monogrammed coasters and huggers can work hard at your event and then serve as fun take home for your guests. They also make great gifts, especially to newly married couples.

Get Creative

Once you’ve picked your partyware, head over to My Limelight Designer. Here, you can browse through over a dozen different monogram styles. Find the perfect monogram for your event’s theme and your own personal style.

Next, choose the font and ink color you want and size the monogram to fit your piece. Maybe add a wreath or border that suits your style. My Limelight Designer lets you see exactly what your personalized partyware will look like before you order, so you can experiment with the size, color, font, and placement all you want before clicking the buy button.

Stamp your name or your initials on your partyware with pride, and let no one forget your epic event!


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