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Bags packed? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Awesome travel playlist? Check! You, friend, are ready for your well-deserved vacation. Go hit the beach, the slopes, the museums, the rugged mountain trails or all of the above. When it’s time to head back to your vacation home, condo, or campsite, make sure you have the vacation plateware you need to enjoy a hearty meal. If you really want to impress your family or vacation buddies, consider ordering personalized plates, cups, napkins, and more to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Plates and Napkins for Your Home Away from Home

Is this vacation going to be something special for you and your travel group? Then make it stand out by ordering custom vacation plates and personalized napkins to stock your vacation rental. At Limelight, we offer high quality plastic plates, square plates, and our super cool premium plates. Best of all, these guys can go right in the recycling bin after you are done. This is your vacation, so say “sayonara” to washing dishes all night.

Pick your plate size, choose your favorite color, and then get creative in My Limelight Designer, our special design lab. Add a name to your custom vacation plate, like The Smiths go to Miami using one of our many fonts. You can also add the date or a monogram with your initials, which is a great idea if this is a honeymoon or anniversary. Our large collection of stock art also lets you add cool images. Can’t find what you want? Upload your own design.

Now, complete your personalized vacation dishes with matching personalized vacation napkins. We’ve got drink napkins, full-size luncheon or dinner napkins, and even posh hand towels. Pick your style and your color, and then it’s off to My Limelight Designer for another creativity session.

Vacation Cups

Imagine sipping a sweet daiquiri on your island paradise or blowing away steam on your hot chocolate in your alpine villa. What do both these scenes have in common? Cups! Before you can relax with a locally appropriate beverage, you need something to hold your liquid delight. At Limelight, you can choose from many different types of personalized vacation cups. Our soft plastic and paper cups are priced to sell. Our Styrofoam cups are perfect for hot and cold climates. Customers from around the globe love our stadium cups, which come in many colors and sizes. Finally, if this vacation deserves the absolute best, try our frosted cups. They’ll add a touch of elegance to your trip, and you can even take them home with you. Whichever cup you choose, make sure you customize it in My Limelight Designer.

Create Your Own Vacation Mementoes

At Limelight, we make your vacation memorable with custom partyware that will help you celebrate your trip-of-a-lifetime in style. Sure, you’ll probably take hundreds (maybe thousands) of pictures on your trip, but don’t you want something to remember your trip by that you can actually hold? At Limelight, we offer personalized vacation coasters and custom vacation huggers. Hand one out to everyone in your group. They make great keepsakes for team building trips, family reunions, and even travel bachelor and bachelorette parties.

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