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Wow, is that beautiful boat in the harbor yours? Now you can go gliding across the water with family and friends any time you want. Your new boat calls for a celebration, and we’ve got the custom personalized cups, napkins, plates, koozies, and more to make sure your boat gets all the love she deserves.

Custom Cups for Your Boat

Now that you are a proud boat owner, your first duty is to name the new lady in your life. Paint that name proudly on her hull and then consider adding it to personalized cups that you keep aboard your boat, sailboat or yacht. At Limelight, we offer many different cups to choose from. If you want to go steadfast and practical, choose our paper cups, Styrofoam cups, or our reliable soft plastic cups. To make a bigger statement, our plastic stadium cups are the perfect pick. They come in lots of sizes, and you can choose a color that matches your boat’s décor. Finally, our shatterproof frosted cups are refined and beautiful, just like your boat. They are also reusable, so you can keep them for future cruises.

When you’ve chosen the right cup for you, it’s time to sail into My Limelight Designer, our fun design lab. Experiment with our many fonts as you place your boat’s name on your cup. Another option is to add your monogrammed initials onto the cup. We’ve also got tons of cool nautical art in our massive stock art collection, including anchors, boats, sailor knots, fish, compasses, and more! If you can’t find what you want, then upload your own design onto your personalized boat cups.

Don’t Let Your Crew Go Hungry

You’re liable to walk the plank if you let your crew go hungry out on the open water. Make sure you bring plenty of grub on your voyage, as well as custom plates and napkins. Whether you’re serving light appetizers or want to impress your shipmates with a full meal, we’ve got the plates to handle your needs. Our plastic plates come in a variety of sizes and many different colors. If your crew has finer tastes, you might want to choose our square or premium plates instead! Whichever plate you pick, don’t forget to personalize them in My Limelight Designer. Who’s going to know your boat’s name if you don’t put it smack dab in the middle of each plate?

Just in case you hit a few unexpected swells, you’ll want to keep plenty of custom napkins handy as well. Choose from 3-ply, linun, masslinn, or moire and then pick your size and color. Once those decisions are made, it’s off to My Limelight Designer to complete your personalized boat napkins.

The Final Touch

A good ship captain always keeps his or her boat sparkling clean. You won’t have to worry about unsightly table rings with a set of personalized coasters. They come in square or round and can be designed any way you please with My Limelight Designer. Coasters also make an amazing and personal boat gift for the new ship captain in your life!

Finally, when you’re lounging on deck under the hot sun, the last thing you want is for your beer or soda to go flat. Save your drinks and look awesome at the same time with personalized boat huggers. These also make great gifts for your big boat party.

Be a captain of your boat, yacht or sailboat and a captain of your life with personalized partyware products from Limelight Paper!