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There is something undeniably serene and beautiful about standing on your porch or patio and looking out over the glassy surface of a river or lake. That’s why lake houses are so coveted and why you are one lucky guy or lady for having one. As you plan how you want to stock your lake house, consider showing your pride in your property with personalized coasters, huggers, plates, cups, and napkins. Customized dishware also makes it super easy and convenient to do more entertaining at your gorgeous digs.

Coasters and Huggers

Want to give your lake house a special touch? Maybe hanging that huge portrait of yourself over the fireplace is a bit much, but how about setting out customized lake house coasters and whipping out personalized beer and drink huggers for those hot days on the water? At Limelight, you can choose round or square coasters and three different types of huggers in a variety of colors. When you’ve picked your coaster or hugger, it’s time to get creative in My Limelight Designer. Our design lab gives you the power to personalize your coasters or huggers. Does your house have a name? Use one of our many beautiful fonts to add it. How about a decorating theme? Add a sailboat from our stock art collection. You can also use one of our monogram styles to add your initials to create an understated and classy look to your coasters or huggers.

Plates, Cups, and Napkins

Now, onto the kitchen. If you plan on entertaining or simply don’t want to spend your days on the lake washing dishes, then consider buying a few sets of personalized dishware. We offer a variety of plates, cups, and napkins. Our plates come in different sizes and colors. Choose our plastic plates for a fun family barbeque and our premium plates when you host a more formal gathering. When the food is done, toss the plates into the recycling bin and get back to your guests.

Speaking of your guests, they’re going to need something to drink. We’ve got all the cups you need, everything from styrofoam and soft plastic cups to our gorgeous frosted cups that always steal the show. Choose your size and your color from many different options. Don’t forget to order matching napkins. We’ve got the colors you want, the fabrics you want, and sizes that work for an appetizer-only event up to full-coverage dinner napkins.


Take your new partyware to My Limelight Designer where you can personalize your plates, cups, and napkins to perfectly match your house. Monogram away or get giddy with our stock art. You can even add in your own art. We think your lake or river house deserves its own personalized dishware and accessories, so put in your order today!