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Other people dream of buying a second home right on the beach, or snagging a vacation home in an exotic locale where they can sip mixed drinks out of coconut shells. You don’t dream. You do! Now that you’ve got a new property under your belt, it’s time to start filling it with everything you need to turn it from a house into the home. We know you’ll need important things like beds and couches and another copy of the director’s cut of Lord of the Rings, but don’t forget to stock your kitchen with customized plates, napkins, cups, and more.

The Perfect Way to Entertain

When it’s time to head over to your second home or vacation home, don’t start off your amazing trip with lots of dirty dishes in the sink. Instead, consider snagging some personalized plastic plates from Limelight that you can toss when you’re done. We offer plates in every color and many different sizes. Not only are these plates perfect for a family dinner, but they also make entertaining a breeze. When you’re done, just swipe them into the recycling can and then go hang out with your friends! Take a look at our square plates or our premium plates if you want fancy dishware to compliment your fancy new digs.

Your new plates can also help you make a statement. Once you’ve picked your plate size and color, it’s time to personalize them for your new home. Go to My Limelight Designer and get creative. Monogram your family initials on the plate or use our many fonts to add your family name. Does your new house have its own name? Add it to your plates for a truly custom feel. You can also explore our vast collection of stock art to add images to fit your home’s design scheme.

Now Add Cups and Napkins

Keep up the customization with our personalized vacation home cups and napkins. We’ve got lots of different cups to choose from, everything from our simple-yet-effective soft plastic cups, to our beautiful and re-usable frost flex cups (which are top rack safe in the dishwasher). You can also go for our sturdy stadium cups and even our practical paper cups. Each cup comes in a variety of colors and most offer different sizes. All offer you the opportunity to customize your cup to your heart’s delight. Think how cool it will be when you open your kitchen cabinets and see cups with your home’s name on it or maybe your family crest!

The same goes for your napkins. Pick your color, your size, and material and then make it unique as your second home! Is your new castle right on the beach? Add some palm trees to your personalized napkins. Is this your ski and snowboard getaway? How about some snowflakes or a grinning snowman design.

Make Your Home Even Homier with Customized Coasters and Guest Towels

Even outside of the kitchen, you can personalize objects for your home. At Limelight, our customized coasters or guest towels make the perfect addition to any second home, as well as an awesome vacation home warming gift. Choose from our fantastic selection of guest towels and coasters and then start designing!

Finally, for that extra pizazz, consider ordering on of our three types of personalized huggers. You’re going to need to keep that beer or soda cool while you laze the days away on the beach or in your backyard hammock, after all!


Dress up your new home with customized partyware and other accessories! Click on your vacation home of choice for more details!