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You just said, “I do!” Before you embark on a life of love and sharing a sock drawer with another person for the rest of your days, you’ve got a wedding reception to enjoy. Make your reception memorable with cool custom and monogrammed wedding partyware. We’ve got the personalized plates, napkins, cups, and keepsakes you need to make your special occasion downright fabulous.

Matching Plates and Napkins

Why should your wedding cake get all the attention on the table? Spread the love by ordering gorgeous custom plates that will show that your wedding is a one-of-a-kind event. At Limelight, we can plate you up with sturdy plastic plates in a variety of colors. If your wedding is more on the fancy side, check out our premium wedding plates that can come with a super posh gold or silver trim. We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. When you’ve got your wedding reception plates picked out, it’s time to customize them. Head on over to My Limelight Designer where you can add a monogram of your initials, your wedding date, or any design you wish (including one from our huge library of stock art). Your personalized wedding plates will be so pretty, you’ll almost feel bad about loading them up with food!

Avoid the disaster of walking around your own wedding with a fleck of wedding cake of your chin. Our high-quality custom wedding reception napkins can come to the rescue throughout the night. Choose your color, size, and napkin material and then get creative. Your mom is going to love these soft, personalized napkins as she weeps into them during the first father-daughter dance.

It’s Okay to Get into Your Cups

Whether your wedding reception features top shelf wine or defiantly low-brow brew (they’ll both help turn Aunt Diane into a wild thing on the dance floor), make sure you have the right cups for the job. At Limelight, we offer a personalized cup for every type of wedding, from our humble-yet-functional solo cup to our popular frosted plastic wedding cups. All of our wedding cups can be customized and monogrammed so that they reflect the spirit of your wedding.

Our frost flex custom wedding cups continue to be a favorite option for brides and grooms. These fancy shatterproof wedding reception cups are dishwasher safe (top rack), so you and your guests can toast them now and on your 20th wedding anniversary.

What to Give Your Guests?

What thoughtful little knick knacks are you going to give your guests as a thank you for their love, support, and general awesomeness? Don’t think too hard on it (you have way too much wedding planning to do to waste time now.) Instead, order up custom wedding coasters and custom wedding huggers from Limelight. Not only do both of these items make for a perfect gift to slip into your thank you bags, but they can be put to use during your wedding. If your reception is in a home, those monogrammed wedding coasters are going to be a lifesaver (or at least a table saver), while the personalized huggers mean no beer or soda is lost to the heat!

As long as you bring your love, your wedding day is going to be great, but if you want to make your wedding reception just a little more special, we’re here to help.