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While we all know that love is the greatest gift of all, it doesn’t hurt to celebrate it when you’ve got it, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do just that. If you want to go big in promoting Valentine’s Day, then your normal plates, napkins, and cups just won’t do! Give love a little help with our custom Valentine’s Day partyware.

Plates and Napkins

If you are throwing a big, lovey-dovey shindig for Valentine’s Day, then set the mood with plates and napkins that aren’t afraid to get a little sappy. We offer plastic plates that are perfect for a casual at-home celebration as well as our fancy premium plates that will up the posh of your event. Once you’ve picked your color and style, it’s time to personalize. My Limelight Designer will let you add hearts galore to your personalized Valentine’s Day plates, gorgeous monograms, or even a line from a Shakespeare sonnet if you want to rev up the romance.

Of course, if you’re going to be slurping a single strand of spaghetti with your dearly beloved on Valentine’s Day, you’re going to need a napkin to dab away the sauce on your nose. That’s where our custom Valentine’s Day napkins have your back (and nose and chin). We offer a variety of napkin materials, sizes, and colors to fit every type of event from a cocktail breezer to a five-course meal with one of those fancy-shamacy violinists. Choose to personalize your napkins or pick our pre-made Valentine’s Day napkins so you can check one more thing off your list.

We Heart Cups

The heart may be thirsty for love, but the rest of you is just plain thirsty. Give yourself and your guests the perfect cup for the occasion. At Limelight, we’ve got plenty of personalized cups choose from. Go relaxed with our soft plastic cups, paper cups, or Styrofoam cups or fancy it up with our shatterproof frost flex cups. Either way, put your stamp on your custom Valentine’s Day cups with My Limelight Designer. Add a romantic quote, initials, or a funny stock art of Cupid. If you’re drawing a blank, we got you covered with pre-printed Valentines Day cups that will keep the love (and the drinks) flowing at your event.

Even More Valentine’s Day Goodies

We’re not done yet. If you want to give your guests something they can take home, consider a custom Valentine’s Day coaster or hugger. Order an extra set of monogrammed coasters and put them around your home or venue to keep your surfaces free of rings. Those huggers can be put to work, too. Hearts are supposed to be warm…beer, not so much! We’ve got several types of huggers and coasters to choose from, and of course, you get to personalize them to your heart’s delight.

Make this Valentine’s Day memorable with custom tableware and partyware as unique and special as your love.