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Here are a few typesetting tips to help you when designing your personalized partyware!  If you still have questions, send us an email at, and we will do our best to help!


Monograms may seem tricky, but here are a few examples to make it easy when you are ordering monogrammed cups, napkins or guest towels.

Monogram where all the letters are the same size

  • For an unmarried female or unmarried/married male - first name initial, middle name initial, last name initial
  • Mary Elizabeth Ford = MEF
  • For a married female - first name initial, maiden name initial, last name initial Mary Ford Jones = MFJ

Monogram with a larger center initial, or a larger last name initial

  • For an unmarried female or unmarried or married male: first name initial, middle name initial, last name initial Mary Elizabeth Ford = MFE
  • For a married female: first name initial, married name initial, maiden name initial Mary Ford Jones = MJF
  • For a monogram using combined initials of a female and male: female’s first name initial, common surname initial, male’s first name initial Mary and Charles Jones = MJC


What is the best way to personalize a product for a couple? When titles are used for a married couple, the husband’s title always comes first:

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jones
Judge and Mrs. Charles Jones
Doctor and Mrs. Charles Jones

When titles are not used (married or unmarried), out of courtesy, the female’s name is listed first regardless of whether a last name is included or not.

Mary and Charles Jones
Elizabeth and Edward

When using a monogram style that includes a last name initial and first names, or simply two first names, out of courtesy, the female’s name typically comes first. 

Mary J Charles
mary & charles
M & C


Personalized cups and napkins and koozies all make fantastic hostess gifts. They are also perfect for birthdays and Christmas. The simplest way to personalize a gift for a family is to simply list the family’s surname with NO apostrophe:

The Smiths The Smith Family


When a last name ends in “s”, “x”, “z”, “ch”, and “sh”, add an “–es”:

The Williamses, The Joneses, The Churches

Many people feel this not only looks very awkward, but sounds awkward as well. An alternative to this is to say:

The Williams Family, The Jones Family, The Church Family

When a last names ends in “o” or “y”, add “s”:

The Henrys, The Garbos

How do I make sure that my text is large and easily read?

We recommend that you break up your text onto several separate lines so the words can be larger.

  • This set up allows the letters to be larger and will show up better. Catherine
  • This setup will cause your letters to be smaller and harder to read. Catherine and Michael