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You, brave soul, have taken on the great responsibility of hosting Thanksgiving this year. That means cooking up a storm for your hungry family and making sure Uncle Mike doesn’t start serving up all his political opinions instead of the steamed carrots. As you begin to plan out your menu, don’t forget to also plan your partyware. If you are so over spending your Thanksgiving evening elbow-deep in a sink full of dirty dishes while the rest of your family eases into blissful food comas, then consider using custom, toss-away Thanksgiving partyware this year. At Limelight, we can help you create personalized plates, cups, and napkins. We also have pre-printed Thanksgiving options in case you need to hit the grocery store instead of playing the artist.

Dinner Is Served

You may love feeding your family on Thanksgiving, but no one in their right mind likes the cleanup afterwards. Give yourself a break (you deserve it), by ordering custom Thanksgiving plates. At Limelight, we’ve got the personalized plates you need, including appetizer, dessert, and full dinner plates that can hold heaps of turkey, mash potatoes, yams, and cranberry sauce. When everyone is done and all belts have been un-notched, you can just toss these plates in the recycling bin. Cleanup over!

At My Limelight Designer you can personalize your plates any way you want. Make a list of everything you are thankful for, add your family name and the year, copy your hand and turn it into a turkey. If you can dream it and draw it (or find the right clipart from our library), you can put it on your plates. While you’re ordering plates, don’t forget about personalized Thanksgiving napkins as well. Our napkins come in appetizer, drink, and dinner sizes as well as several different fabrics to match the style of your party. Pick your size and color and then add a design to match your plates.

A Cup for Every Thanksgiving

No matter how you do your Thanksgiving, we can offer the right custom Thanksgiving cups to honor your celebration. Our soft plastic and Styrofoam cups keep things easy and relaxed. Our paper cups are perfect for keeping hot chocolate or hot cider warm. Our stadium cups are sure to impress your guests. They also come in lots of different colors and sizes. If your turkey is dressed to the nines and you want your cups to be likewise, choose our frost flex cups. These shatterproof cups are dishwasher friendly, so you can actually use them next year or give to your guests to take home. Once you’ve picked your cup, start designing to make them special. You can also choose pre-designed Thanksgiving cups.

Thanksgiving Mementos

Only one person can keep the wishbone, but you can create personalized Thanksgiving coasters to hand out to your guests or custom Thanksgiving koozies. Each of these items can perform double duty. They can work to keep table surfaces ring-free and beer cold during your Thanksgiving celebration and then be sent home with each guest as a reminder of your time together. We hope you’ll be thankful for the fun and ease of creating your custom partyware with Limelight this Thanksgiving.