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Who’s got the best home team? You do! And just in case anyone doesn’t know it, you’ve shown up to the stadium three hours early to party. You’ve got your jersey, your wig, your face paint…but do you have personalized cups, plates, and napkins so you can drink and eat in style? The biggest fans don’t settle for plain partyware. Show that you’ve got spirit, yes you do, with customized partyware from Limelight.

Start Drinking Early – Cups and Huggers

You need to stay hydrated so you can yell loud and clear when your team scores. At Limelight, we offer a wide variety of customized tailgating cups, everything from our reliable and useful soft plastic party cups, to our beautiful and reusable frosted cups. For your tailgating party, you can also go big with personalized stadium cups. These guys can get all the way up to 32 ounces. You and your friends aren’t getting thirsty for anything other than victory! Pick your team colors and march your way over to My Limelight Designer.

In our design lab, it’s time to trick out your tailgating cups so that everyone will know who you’re rooting for a mile away. Scour our stock art collection for examples of cardinals, Spartans, tigers, jaguars, pirates, and more. You can also add your own design or keep it classy with a monogram or a rendition of your team’s name in a cool font (we have lots to choose from.)

If you think you might be keeping some beer in the bottle or can, then you can still personalize your drinking experience with one of our custom tailgating huggers and can coolers. Choose from three different hugger styles and then customize your heart out.

Don’t Let Your Bros or Brats Down – Plates and Napkins

You are a real, red-blooded tailgater, which means you don’t just bring a little cooler to your tailgating party. You bring a full-on barbeque grill. Slap some meat on the grill and relive your team’s greatest moments with your fellow fans. When the meat is ready, it’s just a matter of flipping those brats or dogs onto one of your customized tailgating plates. We’ve got sturdy, high quality plastic plates in just about every color you can imagine. Choose small plates for snacks or big plates that can hold your burgers, chips, and maybe even your dreams of a playoff berth.

Don’t smudge the paint job you spent all morning applying to your face and chest. Keep some napkins handy to catch any food fouls. At Limelight, we’ve got dainty dab-dab napkins and large napkins that won’t miss stray passes (unlike the other team). Choose your style and color and then take your plates and napkins to My Limelight Designer to get them on your team bandwagon. Just in case your tailgating party is at home (you’re at the stadium in spirit, of course), you can even order custom team coasters. Just because you’re a rabid sports fan doesn’t mean you don’t like a clean home.

Whether your team wins or loses (though they’re totally going to win), you’ll be the real champion with your custom tailgate partyware from Limelight.