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Top O’ the morning to ye! It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so of course we’re going to bust out our terrible Irish accent while we tell you all about our awesome St. Patrick’s Day partyware. If you’re planning to throw your own St. Patrick’s Day shindig in celebration of your Irish roots (even if you’re only Irish “in spirit”), then we are here to help you stock up on personalized St. Patrick’s Day plates, cups, napkins, and other custom goodies. Choose from our pre-made St. Patty’s Day designs or customize your own to fit your unique party. Bottom’s up, it’s going to be a lucky day!

We’ve Got to Start with the Cups

Saint Patrick was probably a pretty awesome dude, but we all know that the real meaning of St. Pat’s Day is about having fun and sipping some drinks. If you’re putting on a party, the first thing on your to-do list has to be buying cups. At Limelight, you can go as casual or fancy as you want. Want to keep things chill? Get a great deal on our soft plastic party, paper, or Styrofoam cups. Bump it up a notch with our stadium cups, which come in a variety of colors and can be sized all the way up to 32 ounces. (That’s a lot of room for liquid treasure.) If your party is more on the fancy side, we recommend our beautiful frost flex cups, which your guests can take home with them.

Whichever personalized St. Patrick’s Day cups you choose, you can order one of our pre-printed St. Patty’s Day designs or create your own. In My Limelight Designer, you can add the name of your party to your cups, draw a leprechaun, or splash your cup with clipart from our large library. Your cups, your choice!

Custom Huggers and Coasters

Don’t let your party go flat with warm beer. Keep things chill with a custom St. Patrick’s Day hugger. These little guys come in three different styles and will keep beer (or soda) nice and cold throughout the night. Of course, you can customize them so that they fit in perfectly with your party. These personalized huggers also make amazing party takeaways for your guests or special prizes for your beer pong champions.

If you’re worried about how your surfaces are going to survive, you might want to consider ordering a set (or two or three) of our customizable St. Patrick’s Day coasters. These guys can save your surfaces and add to the general décor.

Got Food? You’ll Need Plates and Napkins

We bet your friends can’t wait to try your authentic Irish corned beef and potatoes, so make sure you have the right plates for the job. We’ve got a wide selection of plates to choose from in just about every color, including, of course, green. You can even style things up with our square plates or go fancy with our premium plates that come in black, white, or clear. Don’t forget to add custom St. Patrick’s Day napkins to your order. You know spills and beer pong go hand-in-hand.

With Limelight, you won’t need the luck of the Irish to make your St. Patrick’s Day celebration a hit.