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It’s that time again to start remembering the names of all your second cousins. That’s right, your family reunion is right around the corner, and as you prepare to meet and greet all the branches of your family tree, you’ll also need to start planning some customized partyware that is as unique and fun as your relations.

Plates and Napkins

You know what would make your Cousin Erwin and your Aunt Matilda much more likely to get along? How about a steaming plate of home cooking. (Just not your sister-in-law’s vegan meatloaf.) At Limelight, we offer a variety of plates for every type of family occasion, from the casual backyard scrum to a fancy ballroom affair. Choose from appetizer plates to full-on buffet big. Our plastic plates come in every color you can imagine, or you can notch it up on the classy scale with our square plates or premium plates.

Once you’ve picked your plates, it’s time to head over to My Limelight Designer, where the fun begins. Use one of our beautiful fonts to add your family’s name to your plates. Consider adding the date and event name, too. If you’re wearing your creativity hat, then start combing through our stock art to add a little flair to your design. You can even upload your own image if you prefer.

Your newest niece, Jennifer will probably get more food on her face than in her mouth. Help her out with personalized napkins. We offer a variety of napkin types, sizes, and colors. If you really want to get fancy, take a look at our paper hand towels. Once you’ve picked your napkin, consider a design to match your plates, or go for a classy monogram with one of our many monogram styles.

One More Reason to Drink

A little alcohol might go a long way toward helping your family members remember that blood is thicker than water. At Limelight, our personalized cups go from simple and practical to downright fancy sipping. Our paper cups and foam cups get the job done. Our plastic stadium cups or out soft plastic party cups are always a crowd favorite and work great for backyard barbeques or big family picnics in the park. Finally, if your family expects the finer things in life, choose our shatterproof frosted cups that are also dishwasher safe. Our cups come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit the needs of your party. Once you’ve picked your cup, it’s time to design, design, design at My Limelight Designer.

Coasters and Huggers

Is your family reunion going to be outdoors? Don’t let the hot day ruin everything by warming up the beer and soda. Like a superhero, you can save these innocent drinks with personalized family reunion huggers. They come in three different styles. When you hand out these huggers, maybe your Cousin Eric will finally forgive you for all the wedgies you doled out when you were both children.

Drinkpocalypse is coming!  Finally, if your entire family is descending upon your home, it’s time to double up or even quadruple up on your coasters. Order sets of personalized coasters for your family reunion. Your family members will love them, and you can even give them away as fun keepsakes until the next reunion!