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He got the girl, she got the rock, and now it’s time to celebrate a match made in heaven. Whether you are the lovey-dovey couple, a glowing parent, or an awesome best friend, you’ve been tasked with hosting the engagement party. This celebration might not be as swanky as the wedding itself, but that doesn’t mean you have to go generic. Instead, show that this relationship has legs by planning a fun and personal engagement party with the help of custom partyware from Limelight!

Let Them Eat Cake

Whether your engagement party is going to be a relaxed backyard barbeque affair or a trendy get-together at a local winery, your guests still need to eat. At Limelight, you can create personalized engagement party plates to perfectly fit the vibe of your shindig. We can offer sturdy plastic plates in every color of the rainbow that can hold all your barbequed wonders. Only doing appetizers? We’ve got snack and dessert plates, too. For something a little more on the fancy side, check out our square plates or our premium plates.

When you’ve picked your plate, then it’s time to have a little bit of fun. Waltz over to My Limelight Designer where you can let out that pent-up wedding creativity. Our design tool lets you customize your plates any way you like. You can keep it simple by just adding monogrammed initials (we have lots of cool styles to choose from) and the wedding date, or you can get downright sappy with a Shakespearian quote. If you can think it, you can put it on a plate.

You’re not done yet! You know someone is going to spill something, so add custom engagement party napkins to your basket. We’ve got large dinner napkins and dainty appetizer napkins in just about every color under the sun. When you’ve picked your napkin, it’s time to go monogram crazy!

Who’s Up for a Drink?

Mmmm, the food is going to be so good at your engagement party, so don’t let anyone down on the drink selection. Whether your guests prefer the crisp taste of a good beer or would rather sip a smoky red wine, give them the right container for the job. At Limelight, we’ve got the personalized engagement party cups you need to set your party apart. We can keep things casual with one of our reliable soft plastic cups, or you can hand out hardy stadium cups. One of our customer favorites is our frost flex cups that fit in at any type of party. Guests love the fact that they can take these shatterproof cups home. Once you’ve picked the right cup for your engagement party, you know the drill. Time to customize!

Need Anything Else?

We can’t stop Cousin Edith from busting out the world’s most awkward dance moves (and that’s just a preview for the wedding), but we can give you two more cool partyware options. Our customizable engagement party coasters are a great extra touch, especially if you’re hosting the party at your home and want your more vulnerable surfaces to survive the experience.  If your tribe is more of a beer crowd, our personalized engagement party huggers will bring a lot of smiles, especially since the beer will stay cold.

Once you’ve finished up ordering all of your custom engagement partyware, don’t forget that Limelight is a great stop for excellent personalized wedding partyware too!