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Got a tradeshow or company event coming up, or are you looking for something unique to hand out to sales prospects to help them remember your company? Your coworkers and customers probably have a hundred pens and pads of paper with a hundred different logos on them. Stand out and keep your brand front and center with personalized branded partyware and keepsakes that your co-workers will love and your customers will actually remember. At Limelight, we make it easy for you to personalize plates, cups, napkins, and even beer huggers with your corporate logo. Ordering is fast, simple, and lots of fun!

Business Incentives and Marketing Partyware

You’ve been planning the employee appreciation party or the big launch event all year long. Are you missing anything? How about plates, cups, and napkins with your company logo on it? At Limelight, we are your go-to-destination for all the plates, cups, and napkins that you need. We have plenty of sizes and colors of each to choose from, so you can glam up your event or keep it chill. Once you’ve picked your partyware, then the fun starts. Head over to My Limelight Designer, our easy-to-use design tool. For just a small one-time fee, you can upload your company’s logo and start stamping it on each of the items you want to order.

You don’t have to just stick with your logo, of course. If you’re launching a new product, maybe you want to display its unique brand or your company’s tagline or something else that is fun and relevant to your company. Be as creative as you want…isn’t that what the bosses are paying you for, after all?

Business Marketing Keepsakes

Want to give employees, customers, or future customers something to remember you by? No, not a sweaty, awkward handshake (those come from your sales team). Give them a cool branded memento that they will actually keep!

At Limelight, one of our customer favorites is our frost flex cups. These frosted cups are beautiful and can fit in at the most posh parties as well as an easy backyard BBQ at the CEO’s ranch. Best of all, employees or customers can take them home (and they’ll want to.)

We also offer customizable huggers in three different styles. Bust these out at your next corporate event, and you’ll get plenty of compliments. Let customers and employees take these home, and your brand is sure to live on in their households for a long time. Want even more ideas? We’ve also got custom printed coasters. These make for unique giveaways at your tradeshow booth and are certainly more memorable than another branded pen.

So, get your company’s logo ready and then start shopping for your perfect custom partyware and giveaways.