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Mom, Grandma, and Great Aunt Beatrice aren’t invited to your Vegas bachelorette party, and that’s a good thing! Still, they want to celebrate you and your journey into married life, so it’s time to start planning your bridal shower. Whether you are going for close-knit and casual, or you’d prefer a classy affair that will please family, co-workers, and your friends from yoga, Limelight can equip your bridal shower with the perfect personalized and monogrammed partyware.  Here are some great Bridal Shower ideas!

Cup and Keepsake All in One

Your guests are going to need something to hold their wine or beer during your bridal shower, so don’t disappoint! At Limelight, we offer a variety of cups that work for laid-back hangout to fancy-shmancy. If you prefer simple, pick our styrofoam, paper, or soft plastic cups (yes, they come in red, along with a few other colors). You can also choose our popular frost flex bridal shower cups that will class up your party. Choose the size of cup you want, then get creative. My Limelight Designer lets you customize your bridal shower cups with anything you want, from monogrammed initials, to inspiring quotes, or your own fun design.

Plates and Napkins for Your Bridal Shower

All that finger food isn’t going to eat itself at your bridal shower, so you’d better make sure you are stocked up on plates and napkins. This isn’t a casual picnic, this is your bridal shower, so add a little flair to your dishware and napkins.

Pick your plate colors, decide if you want to go fashionably square, and then design them to your heart’s delight. If your bridal shower has a theme, then these custom bridal shower plates can do their part. Add a seashell graphic for your beach party theme or choose one of our premium personalized bridal shower plates for your fancy cocktail party. Our plates are 100% recyclable, so you can toss ‘em in the recycling bin when the party’s over. Whew, that was a fast cleanup!

Don’t forget about your napkins. Order a color that matches or complements your plates and then customize or monogram them.

Coaster and Hugger Ideas

Don’t let your friend leave your shindig empty handed. If you are looking for a thoughtful, fun, and useful keepsake to give your bridal shower guests, consider a personalized bridal shower coaster and/or a custom bridal shower hugger.

At Limelight, we offer round and square coasters in a variety of sizes. These little guys will come to the rescue at your bridal shower so you can focus on the right type of ring. Print them with your name, a quote, a monogram or an image related to your party theme!

If your bridal shower crowd is more likely to grab a craft brew instead of a wine glass, then add a custom bridal shower koozie to your thank you gift bag. They also make prizes worth winning if you’ve got some fun games planned for the day.