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Mazal Tov! Your son or daughter has reached the age where he or she can officially become a Jewish adult. While your child spends time preparing their Aliyah, writing their speech, and tackling their mitzvah project, you need to start thinking of the party. This is one of the biggest celebrations of your child’s life, so how about making it extra special with personalized custom cups, napkins, plates and more partyware!

Custom Mitzvah Cups

While the ceremony in the Synagogue is a serious affair filled with piety and tradition, afterwards it’s time to party. Turn up the music, push everyone onto the dance floor, and make sure there’s plenty to drink. At Limelight, we can ensure that you have beautiful, personalized mitzvah cups that no one will forget. If you want to keep it simple, go with our paper, soft plastic, or Styrofoam cups. If you want something a little more noticeable, we recommend our stadium cups, which come in sizes from kid-friendly four ounces to adult-approved 32-ounces. If you really want to put on a show, take a look at our beautiful frost flex cups. They look great, and guests can take them home and re-use them.

Once you’ve picked your cup style, size, and color, it’s time to make it personal for your child. In our special design lab, called My Limelight Designer, you can get as creative as you want. Add your child’s initials to each cup with our stylish monograms. Add a meaningful quote from the Torah with one of our many classic fonts. You can even add a Star of David from our stock art collection or upload a baby pic of your little angel and put it front and center!

All That Dancing Is Making People Hungry

Dancing burns a lot of calories, so you’ll want to make sure to serve a nice lunch to all your family and friends who have come to celebrate your child. Whether you’re serving traditional potato knishes or something a little more modern, like mini grilled cheese sandwiches or delightful cupcakes, we’ve got the custom mitzvah plates for you. We offer stylish appetizer and dessert plates as well as meal-sized plates that can hold as many mini grilled cheese sandwiches as your kid can eat. Our standard plastic plates come in every color of the rainbow, but if you want to notch up the glam, go with our square plates or our premium plates. Best of all, these guys go right into the recycling bin after you’re done.

Likewise, our personalized bar and bat mitzvah napkins can be glamorously small for appetizer and dessert plates, or you can order large sizes that are appropriate for a sit-down lunch. Choose from a variety of styles and lots of different colors. Then it’s time to take your napkins and plates to My Limelight Designer where you can personalize them to delight or embarrass your precious child as you see fit!

With Limelight Paper and Partyware, you can celebrate your child’s bar or bat mitzvah with fun, style, and lots of personality!