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Your best friend is leaving the single life, but you aren’t about to let that happen without an amazing bachelorette party first! Whether that means getting all the crazy out before she slips off to domestic bliss or just spending a spa day with the girls, we’ve got you covered in the partyware department. Your bestie’s bachelorette party deserves more than just plain plates, cups, and napkins. Let your bride know she is one-of-a-kind with custom partyware just for her!

Bottoms Up – Customized Cups

This is a party, so let’s get the drinks flowing. Sure, you could gather up a bunch of mismatched cups from your cabinet, but how about doing some special, like creating personalized bachelorette cups? That’s right, with My Limelight Designer you can put whatever design, picture, quote, monogram, or image you want on one of our many cup choices. Play it safe and cute by putting an adorable picture of the bride as a kid on the cup, or if this is one of those bachelorette parties, perhaps something a little more risqué.

With Limelight, you can find the perfect cup for your event. For a casual get together, consider our soft plastic party cups or Styrofoam cups. We also offer custom stadium cups that go from sip-sip small, to gulp-gulp huge. If you’re looking for a perfect keepsake that each bridesmaid can take home, try our beautiful frosted cups, which can survive all the days of your friendship.

Put Your Food on a Custom Plate

You know it’s not a good idea to drink on an empty stomach. If you’re planning on serving a meal or some delish desserts with certain R-rated drawings on them, let your plates and napkins in on the fun. We can hook you up with dinner plates, dessert plates, or appetizer plates in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. Once you’ve picked your plate, then it’s time to get as creative (and as dirty) as you like by adding on your double entendres in adorable fonts. When the food is done, the custom bachelorette plates are too. Just sweep them off into the recycling bin and head out for your night’s adventure.  

We’re not saying that icing is going to get in the wrong places, but just in case Lindsey does a little pre-gaming and can’t quite get that cupcake in her mouth, our napkins can clean up that situation. (Though, someone give Lindsey a glass of water!) Choose the size, color, and material you want for your bachelorette napkins and then find an image, quote, monogram, or design that matches your custom plates.

What to Give the Girls

Playing any fun games during this bachelorette party? Then you’re going to need some prizes! Our custom bachelorette coasters and huggers are where it’s at, and they can even pull double duty during your party. As the night goes on, your custom cups are going to end up everywhere. Quick, toss a coaster underneath so you don’t wake up in your own version of Animal House tomorrow. Personalized huggers have the benefit of being hilarious if you pick the right image or quote and useful to keep beer chill during the party. You can also give these coasters and huggers out as well-earned prizes or cherished mementos of this awesome night.