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Your best friend’s days as a free man are almost up, so it’s time to throw him one last party before he has to start asking his better half for permission to stay out late with the guys. Whether an epic bachelor party means firing up the grill for a lazy afternoon of drinking and swapping war stories or starring in your own version of The Hangover, we’ve got the cool, custom partyware that will let you show your best bud how much you care.

Drinks All Around

We’re going to go out on a limb and assume that your bachelor party might include just a bit of drinking. If we’ve hit the mark, then surprise your soon-to-be groom with personalized bachelor party cups. We’ve got stadium cups that go all the way up to 32 ounces, because this is a party, right? If you’re worried that your friends might not retain too many memories of the night, then choose our cool frost flex cups, which will last way longer than heat-of-the-moment promises to finally take that cross-country road trip to the Grand Canyon together.

Once you’ve picked out your cup style, size, and color, it’s time to customize your bachelor party cups. Go to My Limelight Designer and let your muse out. Add a funny quote, splash the groom’s face front and center, or add an appropriate piece (or inappropriate, if that’s the way you want to go) from our stock art collection. We’ve also got lots of monogram styles if you want to create a classier cup.

Custom Koozies


Flat, warm beer? Way to bring the party down, bro. To keep this catastrophe from happening, stock up on personalized bachelor party huggers. We’ve got three different styles to choose from in a variety of colors, and of course you get to customize or monogram them. You and your buds will look so suave as you march along your bar crawl with these huggers out. You might want to buy extra, because all the new friends you make along the way will want one. Custom huggers will keep your party chill and make the perfect keepsake so your “wolf pack” will have an awesome memento from an awesome night.

Plate Me Some Grub

Are you hosting your friend’s bachelor party at home? Then you probably don’t want to use your Mom’s fine china to feed a pack of ravenous dudes. Instead, keep up the customization with personalized bachelor party plates and napkins. When things get a little messy (maybe the sloppy joes should have been served before shots), your friends can wipe away at least the food-related mistakes with custom bachelor party napkins. Choose from a variety of sizes and materials to find the perfect match for your party.

Dude, your bachelor party is going to rock, especially when you up the ante with personalized and monogrammed bachelor partyware to give your friend the sendoff he deserves.