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Whether baby is on its way or has made its grand entrance, you deserve a ticker tape parade for all the morning sickness, swollen ankles, and those times baby mistook your bladder for a trampoline. It’s time for your baby shower, or the trendy new sip ‘n see, which gives friends and family a chance to meet baby in person. Whichever party you and your girlfriends decide to throw, you have every reason to personalize. Put baby’s name on everything, from custom plates, to cups and napkins. At Limelight, we can help make your party all about your future or recently arrived bundle of joy.

Sipping at the Sip n’ See

Don’t let your guests go thirsty while they ooh and aww over the darling little onesies you unwrap. Keep them hydrated with customized baby shower cups or sip n’ see cups. At Limelight, we have the cups to fit any style of party. Keep things simple with our solo cups, paper cups, or Styrofoam cups. You can also delight your guests with sturdy plastic cups in a wide variety of sizes and colors. If you want to go all out, consider our shatterproof frost flex cups, which are as beautiful as they are re-usable. Finally, if you want to use your baby shower to reveal the gender of your little one in dramatic fashion, our cups can make the moment extra special. Some of our stadium cups can change color (including to pink and blue) when cold liquid is added. How cool would that be if you handed every guest a cup and let them share in the revelation as the cup changed color in their hand?

Something is missing from your cup…oh yes! Your baby’s name, like, everywhere. Head over to My Limelight Designer to personalize your cups. You can add baby’s monogram, baby’s name, or even baby’s picture. We’ve got lots of monogram styles and colored fonts to choose from.

Plates and Napkins

Mmmmm, those appetizers and cupcakes look so good. You’ve got all the excuses in the world to dive right in, since you are either eating for two or burning endless calories trying to keep up with the newest member of your family. At Limelight, we offer plates from dainty dessert size to whopping bring-on-the-buffet proportions. Choose from our handy dandy plastic plates, or class up your party with our square plates or oh-la-la premium plates.

Make sure you have plenty of napkins on hand to catch spills, frosting mishaps, or baby drool. At Limelight, we’ve got you covered, figuratively and literally. Our napkins come in a variety of sizes and in lots of colors, so you can match the theme of your party. Choose small appetizer napkins or full-on lap napkins if you’re serving a meal.

When you’ve picked your plates and napkins, it’s back to My Limelight Designer so that you can create personalized baby shower plates, custom sip n’ see napkins, or any combination thereof.

Going the Extra Mile

We know that your time and energy is at a premium, but if you want to make your baby shower or sip n’ see just a little more special consider ordering personalized coasters and/or koozies as well. The coasters make great giveaways to the attendees of your baby shower, and the huggers are perfect for a sip n’ see (I mean, sipping is in the name of the party, right?)

At Limelight, you can personalize your coasters and huggers, so friends and family will always have a keepsake from their first experiences with your prince or princess.