Personalized Koozies for All Occasions

Personalized Koozies: A Creative Party Favor, Memorable Corporate Giveaway, or Fun, Personalized Gift!

Here at Limelight Paper, our personalized koozies are one of our coolest (literally and figuratively) products. Our customers have told us that their party guests love taking koozies home, and we also get regular orders from corporate clients looking for standout giveaways at professional events. If you’re looking for a little something extra for your next party, corporate event, or need a fab gift idea, a customizable koozie could be it. Keep reading to learn all about what makes our personalized koozies special and all the different ways you can use them in your life.

Our Personalized Koozie Offerings

If you’ve got koozies on the brain, the first big decision to make is what type of koozie to purchase. We offer three different types of koozie for you to choose from, each with its own “cool” benefits.

Neoprene Collapsible Koozies

Our sleek neoprene collapsible personalized koozies are our best-sellers, and will help keep beer, soda, and other refreshments cool. They also make for easy gripping (no icky wetness from condensation) and offer added stability. This can be really helpful during a big, busy event. Best of all, the collapsible feature of these koozies makes them so much easier to pack, ship, and transport to your party or event!  Slip one in your back pocket or in your purse.  Keep one in the side pocket of your cooler, or in the console of your car. You never know when you will need a koozie, and this style is easy to keep on hand almost anywhere.

Neoprene Bottle Koozies

Your beer bottles deserve to stay chill during your event too! Enter the neoprene bottle koozie. These look great, and since most people don’t have personalized bottle koozies lying around the house, they’ll be clamoring to take one home, whether the koozies serve as an excellent (and memorable) party favor or as the hottest giveaway at your company’s next big tradeshow.

Foam Koozies

If you’re a fan of the classics, then our personalized foam koozies are your dream come true. Foam koozies are perfect for cans or larger bottles. These koozies are reliable, functional, and can be super fun when you choose your color and design! Speaking of which…

Personalize Your Koozie


When we say that we sell “personalized koozies,” we really mean it. Choosing your koozie model is only the beginning of your customization journey. By the time you’re done, your koozies will be one-of-a-kind collectibles!

Koozie Color

Once you’ve determined your koozie model, it’s time to remember back to the color wheel your art teacher taught you in grade school. That’s because you have just about every color choice for your koozie under the rainbow. Hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party? Yep, we’ve got green. Celebrating your golden anniversary? Check, we’ve got gold. Whatever color you want your koozies to be, we can make it happen.

Font or Monogram Style, Color, and Size

Many of our customers want to add the name of their event, company, or vacation spot to their custom koozies. Others add a fun quote, the year of the event, their name or a monogram. If you want to put some text or a monogram on your koozie, then it’s time to make the trip to “My Limelight Designer,” our fun design lab. Here, you can get creative. We’ve got tons of fonts and monogram styles for you to test out, from curlicue to funky to clean & simple, and just about everything in between. Experiment with different font sizes and then choose a text color that compliments the color of your koozie.

Add a Stock Art Image

While you’re in My Limelight Designer, you can also take a tour of our vast catalogue of stock art images. If you find one you like, put it on your koozie to see how it will look. Does your party have a nautical theme? We’ve got stock art of ships, anchors, seashells, pirate flags and so much more. Whatever you can think of: flowers, flags, food, and patterns – we’ve got it. You can test any piece of stock art to see how it would look on your custom koozie. Change the shape to make it fit and keep searching until you find that absolute perfect image!

Upload Your Own Image or Logo

Our stock art collection is big, but it doesn’t have everything. If you want to put a very specific image on your personalized koozies, you can upload your own design. This is perfect if you want to include your gorgeous custom monogram (perfect for a wedding reception) or another custom image that you would like on your koozies. There is a $40 custom art fee for first time use of your artwork and after that you can use your art at no charge on any of our products, which makes it easy to coordinate personalization of koozies, cups, napkins, etc. 

Want to pass these koozies out at a tradeshow, corporate retreat, at your AirBnb rental or customer appreciation event? With My Limelight Designer, you can upload your company’s logo, so you’ll get added visibility whenever anyone uses a koozie at your event or later after they take the koozie home. It’s a great way to stay top of mind for your customers!

Why Order Personalized Koozies

Custom koozies stand out, plain and simple. If you want to make a splash at your personal or professional event or simply give away an awesome gift, these koozies are it. Below are just a few examples where a custom koozie won’t go amiss!

Parties and Celebrations

You’ve got a huge family reunion to plan for in the summer and you want to add something to make it special. What do you do? First of all, we highly recommend that you take a look at our other personalized partyware as you start scouting for unique cups, napkins and plates. Next, give your relations something they can use at the event and take home with them. Personalized koozies are a perfect idea! Put your family name, the year of the reunion, and maybe the event location on your koozie. Whether your reunion is taking place at the beach, in a big park, or somewhere else hot and sunny, these custom koozies will keep the beers chilled for adults and soda and sodas cool for the kiddos. Many years later when those kids are adults, they can still use the koozies and remember that amazing experience that you put together!

A family reunion is just one example of when a unique koozie can be a great keepsake, but they can really work for just about any event. How about a:

  • Bachelor party
  • Bachelorette party
  • Wedding party
  • Wedding reception
  • Anniversary celebration
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Fourth of July barbeque
  • Birthday party
  • Beach party
  • Family picnic
  • Thanksgiving
  • Friendsgiving

The list goes on and on. There really is no bad reason to make sure the drinks stay cool during your event and to give your guests one of the coolest party takeaways they’ll ever get!

Corporate Events

If you are a part of the marketing team for your company (or wear the marketing hat for your startup), then you know how important it is to get as much visibility as possible for your brand and your products. That can be increasingly difficult in our hectic world. Creating a unique promo item can mean the difference between attracting crowds at your booth and being memorable at your next event or hearing crickets the whole time.

Custom corporate koozies can show that your brand is fun and relaxed. They can work great as a giveaway at your next tradeshow, but they function especially well for employee and customer celebrations, especially when they can be used during the party. Throwing a customer appreciation barbeque? Bring our sleek, neoprene koozies with your logo large and in charge on the front. Inviting your managers for a brainstorming retreat? These koozies make excellent memorabilia from the trip.

Pick your company colors, add the text you want, and then put your logo front and center!

Time to Order

Your personalized koozies are waiting for you. Start browsing our colors, fonts, and clipart today! We offer great customer service, fast shipping, and competitive pricing. Oh, and one more thing, you don’t have to host a mega-event in order to justify these koozies. Our minimum order requirement is just 12, so if you can round up a few friends, neighbors, and family members, you’ve got more than enough reason to put in your first order! Use our stock art to create an amazing design, put it on the koozies, place your order, and you’ve got birthday presents, Christmas presents, and Hanukkah presents locked and loaded for the rest of the year!

These personalized koozies aren’t going to design and order themselves, so get to it!


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