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Customized Solo Cups Will Delight Your Party Guests

When the solo cups come out, you know the party has started. These little guys may be simple in design, but they pack a big emotional punch. They aren’t fancy-smanchy, and that’s the point. Holding a solo cup in your hand with an amazing concoction inside is part of what makes any get-together something special. Now you can up the ante by designing your own customized solo cups for your next shindig with a little help from Limelight Paper and Partyware.

Why Solo Cups

As a wise man named Toby Keith once opined, solo cups (particularly the red variety) are ideal receptacles for such events as barbeques, tailgates, fairs, and festivals. We’d like to add that solo cups can fit in anywhere the fun’s at, including family picnics, lazy weekend house parties, corporate beach outings, a holiday extravaganza, and more. If you’ve got beer, soda, or some wicked mixed drink to serve, the loyal solo cup is ready to be filled.

Pick Your Color Then Personalize

Yes, we’ve got red solo cups, but just in case you want a few more choices, we also offer blue, white and clear. When you’ve picked your cup size and your color, it’s time to get the creative juices flowing. My Limelight Designer is our mad cap graphics lab where you can personalize your solo cup just for your party or event. Hosting a wedding shower or housewarming party? Check out our collection of monograms. Want to add the name of your party, event, or company? We’ve got fonts galore from zany to classical.

Is your design still missing something? That’s because you haven’t made it to our stock art supply yet. We’ve got fun images for just about every holiday and theme. Seashells? We’ve got them. Tigers? Yep, those too. Hearts and turkeys and pumpkins? Yes, yes, yes. We even have pre-designed options for major holidays that can save you time and effort.

Stay in the My Limelight Designer lab awhile and create a design all your own. Then hit the order button, and your personalized solo cups will be on their way. We can’t promise that Toby Keith would approve of your amazing, beautiful solo cups, but we sure do!

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